Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Short Sleepers and Long Sleepers: High at Risk of Having Heart Attack and Stroke

     I glug some alcoholic this Valentines Day for my childhood friends/neighbors won't get off of me without hearing the words, "ok, I'm coming". But... I am not actually in the mood of drinking for I'm having sleep deprivation for the last three days - I sleep at around 5-6am, the moment where roosters are singing "tiktilaok".

     We are done drinking at around 9pm and I'm a bit tipsy which means I'm having an advantage to sleep early. I feel full so I decided to watch Vampire Diaries first then unknowingly, I doze off. I wake up at around 12 midnight and fix things around me to continue sleeping. Unfortunately, my eyes are open as owl.. keep turning around, throwing pillows, staring blankly at the window - thinking that this is my fourth day of sleep deprivation and there, sun prevails. It's already 7am and decides to go down to have my breakfast.

     The TV is on but my face shows apathy to the news of Unang Hirit. However, my ears and languid eyes start functioning when I heard the news about the short sleepers and long sleepers. The news goes like

     "According to Warwick Medical School, United Kingdom, the short sleepers or people who sleeps 6 hours or less are at risk of having stroke and heart attack. This is also the same with people who are long sleepers or people who sleeps more than 8 hours."

     With so much curiosity, I search the exact percentage:

short sleepers (6 hours or less)
risk of stroke - 15%
risk of heart attack - 48%

long sleepers (more than 8 hours)
risk of stroke - 65%
Risk of heart attack - 38%

     I'm alarm with the said news. I'm a short sleeper whenever I have plans for the next day.. and I'm a long sleeper whenever I'll be staying at house the whole day.
So what's up, now?

     After hearing that, I climb back to my bedroom and is able to sleep for 1 1/2 hour but there is a hindrance to sleep longer because I have personal commitment planned for that morning. And right now, it's already dark, and maybe right after typing this, I'm gonna hit my bed tonight, and hoping for a good night. good good night!

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