Thursday, October 20, 2011

Types of Thought

Our actions, the words we speak, and the expression on our faces are the results of the thoughts lingering in our minds. Meanwhile, our thoughts are based on the things or events happening in our life. Every step or decision we make comes from our thoughts; it defines who we are. So, how how would you want your life to be?

We wake up every morning doing our routine. We drink a cup of coffee, eat whatever food we want, take a bath, and choose the clothes that we want to wear. We do these things every day that they have become not just a routine, but actions that we do automatically without having to think about them.

Most of the things that bombard our minds are useless. The thoughts that take up too much space in our minds mostly include regretting some decisions. We often torture ourselves by questioning the choices that we have already made. For instance, you have probably felt unhappy with the beverage you ordered, and wished you had bought the decaf version instead. You may have regretted wearing your white shirt and hoped you just picked the pink one. While these aren't negative thoughts, they are still pretty much unnecessary.

Negative thoughts are the poison in our minds. It disturbs our focus and drains our energy. Jealousy, frustration, envy, lust, worry, obsession, are some of the negative thoughts that invade our minds. Usually, people who think negatively are those who think that they are alone even if there are lots of people behind them.  We should not let our negativity consume our lives. let the pessimism go, and soak up all the positive vibes.

Positive thoughts help us to rejuvenate our minds. It's sort of like a fuel that keeps us going. It gives us strength, helps us think straight, and boosts us to live a productive life. Thinking positively means viewing situations in a good light, and not letting ourselves become deeply affected by a depressing environment.

Being optimistic doesn't necessarily mean that we should live in a world of fantasy and ignore the realities of life. Instead, being optimistic is about believing that every problem has a solution. We owe it to ourselves to choose to be part of the solution rather than get entangled in the mess. Finding a solution entails patience, knowledge, open-mindedness, and common sense.

Having a positive way of thinking is not an easy feat, but it's not impossible. It is a step by step process. We need to determine the thoughts running in our minds, and make an effort to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones. If we think negatively, then we are only attracting negative things in our lives. If we keep thinking we hate long lines in the MRT, then there's a big chance that we'll endure long queues whenever we want to ride the train. Wouldn't it be much better if we simply think that we will always be able to ride the train immediately, instead of constantly thinking about how annoying the long lines are?

Through positive thinking, we will be able to understand the secret of most successful people. Once we realize this, then we can be satisfied with what we have, understand the people around us better, and have a fruitful future.

Written by: Jam Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera
Photos: Ruby CardaƱo


  1. This post enlighten me, there are decisions that I regret but I know I cannot undo them so might as well move forward make my life better. *sigh*

  2. I always see the best in everything.


  3. what a nice post! I always make sure that I keep my thoughts positive everytime :) As I practice that I learned to see the good things in other people rather than their negative side. :)

  4. I totally agree. We should just keep being positive and retain our minds on focus to attain whatever we want. We should also keep our trust and patience with prayers.

  5. Sometimes, when negativity strikes, I just think of happy thoughts to avoid stress. Nice post!

  6. To be optimistic is to hope for things positively to happen. However, I have a second thought when I came across with this statement: "Every worry under the sun, there is a solution or there is none. If there's better hurry and find it. If there's none, never mind it.:

  7. whenever things get wrong, i always look on to the positive solution

  8. love the photos and yeah i dunno why people tend to be so nega lately geez

  9. Positive thoughts and action attract positive vibe which makes you a lot tougher.

  10. I only believe that everything happened for a reason. You may had bad choices but it did happen because we must learn from it. Put it this way, even if you are in a bad situation always think of something that will revert it to positive one.

  11. negative thoughts sure are poison that weakens us that is why it is a must that we make an effort to spread positive energy and think happier thoughts whenever we can! :)

    btw, it was nice meeting you at the recently concluded Blogapalooza :)