Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dragon Dance

I am going to share about one of the traditions of the Chinese people when celebrating the New Year. What is the Dragon Dance for? The dragon is the representation of wealth, wisdom and power. The Chinese New Year dragon dance represents good luck and victory for the coming year. Moreover, it is said that the longer the dragon is, the more luck it can bring to people.

I have seen the Dragon Dance being performed many times before, but it is my first time to see a circle being chased by the dragon. Perhaps I was simply not paying too much attention before. Anyway, the circle I am referring to is called the Pearl of Wisdom. The chase symbolizes how the dragon pursues knowledge.

During a dragon dance, the people operating the dragon move in an up and down motion that jives with the gongs and drums. There is also the Lion Dance which is often misnamed during parades because the Dragon Dance is always on the spotlight.

The parade of course would not be complete without firecrackers! Kung Hei Fat Choi!


  1. The Chinese New Year is not complete without the traditional Dragon Dance. Aside from the luck it brings, it is also one of the highlights in this festive season.

  2. The dragon dance would again be common in the next few days for Chinese New Year.

  3. I saw this everywhere on the web but never had the chance to see in person. Some of our fellow chinese here celebrate Chinese New Year but in selected places only that' why. Would love to see how beautiful the dragon dance is! :)

    1. You should see this kind of tradition with your own eyes because it is fun to watch it. :)

  4. I am sure I will see lots of Dragon dance performances this week since it is only 5 days before the Chinese New Year.

  5. Happy Chinese New Year! This is very fun to watch :) Sm malls have this days before Chinese New Year!