Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lion Dance

Lion Dance is a traditional dance performed by two people - one operates the head of the lion figure while the other operates the body. Lion troupes are usually associated with Buddha in which its role is to tease the lion to make the lion roll and jump. Lion Dance ends with a message of good luck coming from its mouth. A red lion represents courage while a yellow lion represents energy.

For business concerns, people will hang a green leafy vegetable with a red envelope while the person who operates  the body of the lion will lift the person in the head of the lion in order for them to get the greens. When they get the leafy greens, the lion will eat the money but will spit out and scatter the green leafy vegetable to spread out good luck and symbolize a fresh start. This explains why Sir RS Francisco carries a red envelope, a carrot and a couple of veggies (in the video). By now, I know the difference of Dragon Dance to Lion Dance. Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. I have yet to watch a lion dance live so it's nice to see it in your post.

    1. haha. yeah.. it was my first time to get focused with the rituals that I've realized dragon dance and lion dance are different.

  2. I have a Chinese Lolo in my mother side and I know that already because he told us the difference between a Lion and a Dragon dance. What I like about Chinese New Year is the reunion and giving of Ampao. Hahahahaha... Kung Hei Fat Choi! I have red envelope now...Yahooo!!!!!

  3. I enjoyed watching Dragon and Lion Dances. Its very artistic, full of energy and I find it mysterious.. :)

  4. Just now I know this lion dance because usually, I saw a dragon dance. Thanks for this article!

  5. i like watching Dragon and Lion Dances its very entertaining!!! They also said that it brings good luck

  6. Kung hei fat choi! I have always been seeing lion dances but it's only now that I have learned the real significance of the dance.