Monday, August 6, 2012

Dengue Fever in a Rainy Weather

Yesterday, my office mates and I visited Ralph (our co associate) in the hospital as he is diagnosed having a dengue fever.

One week ago, (Saturday) he was complaining that he felt very cold and his eyes were red. He was really hot during that time and felt so weak. We let him rode a cab  to went home safely as he said his leg muscle aches and he vomited as he went home.

Three days (Tuesday) had passed yet he still felt the same and had a tremendous headache. His temperature went down and then went up again for the past few days plus he had rashes. We only thought that the very rainy and bad weather made him feel so ill until the next day came (Wednesday). His father were diagnosed as having a mild dengue fever and so Ralph.

It is caused by an infected mosquito. It has four different viruses but are all related. It is spread through mosquito bites, most commonly the mosquito Aedes aegypti which is found in tropic and subtropic regions.

Wearing of clothes that more skin is covered would help to prevent mosquito bites and a screened windows at home is also advisable. Remove stagnant water as this type of mosquito prefers to breed in a clean, non-flowing water. Last but not the least, it is important to have mosquito repellant in our kit.

Right now, (Sunday) it is good to know that Ralph and his father were discharged now in Manila Doctors. Health is wealth.


  1. I hate dengue that's why I want to prevent it in advance, more water and paracetamol plus vitamins for resistance can save one from having dengue

  2. Thanks for the info. Your tips are helpful. It is really hard to get illnesses like dengue, better stay away with it.

  3. Oh, it's good to know that your co-associate is better now! Thanks for the tips as well :)

  4. it's a relief that he's better now. this is a very informative post. nobody wants to get ill. and the best we can do is prevention.

  5. Dengue fever is really dangerous and sometimes fatal. Sad to say, this is very common in the Philippines during rainy season. We just need to be extra careful because our health is indeed our wealth....thanks for sharing some info and helpful tips...:-)

  6. I always was concerned in this topic and stock still am, thanks for putting up.
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