Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy 66th Bday, Father!

The wisdom of a father is something that is admired, his words although short, is something that we want to listen when we are down... They may have tell stories from the past repeatedly that it seems like they have live in the Jurassic times, it only implies that we should listen to them as it seems they have mastered the flow of life... and last November 22, my father just turned 66.

I didn't sleep to accompany my father going to church at 6 AM then ate there at 7-11. Sick of cakes as a gift, why not give it a twist? I bought two ice creams from NestlĂ© then bought candles from True Value at Trinoma where everything they sell costs P88.00.
Nestle Ice Cream

My father bought a live goat and took care of it for five days as they will make it as a side dish while drinking their alcohol beverages with our fellow neighborhoods and our tenant. I should take a picture on how to cook Kalderetang Kambing and Papaitan but I was sleeping during the process. It is our first time in the house to cook that for my mother and I do not eat goat meal.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

While my father is drinking with his friends outside, the usual thing that we Filipinos do is to sing from the top of our lungs whenever there are family gatherings like this.
Karaoke Mode

Of course, my business partners also came into our house to have a grind and that is how the birthday of my father ended. Happy 66th bday father, stay healthy for me, please?
Eating Together Barkada!


  1. Happy Birthday, to your dearest father! May he live well long and healthy.

    He is blessed to have a kind and generous daughter like you.

  2. It is nice for your father to reach that age. Happy birthday for him.

  3. Happy 66th birthday to your dad... very very happy celebration you got there...

  4. Happy Birthday to your father! God bless him more and more! :)