Friday, December 7, 2012

Au's Cakes and Pastries at Philippine Daily Inquirer

Chocolates are the apple of my eye. When someone give me chocolates, chocolates will never get rejected. It becomes a form of bribery if you will be asking me a favor, just like my father use to gorge me chocolates whenever I cry when I'm still a kid.

My eyes magnify while reading Philippine Daily Inquirer as they feature the list of best desserts 2012. I contact the one that is featured with Chocolate Ganache Cake - ganache is a french term for rich and melted chocolate for icing or filling. Good thing is, they are located in Quezon City where I also live so I take a chance to have a visit at Philam Homes in West Avenue (near SM North Edsa). Bazaar at Philam Homes is open every Sunday.

Upon arriving at the bazaar, I met the woman behind the creations of the pastries - Miss Au. Finally I will taste the Chocolate Ganache! However, it's in cupcakes form because the cakes are made upon request of the buyer. Cupcakes represent the cakes that you wanted to order so if you want cakes, text them three to four days before. Their cupcake cost P25.00 only!

Chocolate Ganache offers a powerful chocolate experience, heavenly moist and fudgy.
Chocolate Ganache Cupcake

Red Velvet will entice you of its deep red look flavored of milk chocolate touch with cream cheese frosting.
Red Velvet

Carrot cupcake will have your eyes sparkling as it taste very good. Its great flavor is combined with cream cheese.
Carrot Cupcake

Lemon cupcake will give you a tart look. It is extracted from fresh lemons, squeezed vigorously to have its tangy taste.
Lemon cupcake

Their cupcakes are good and very affordable. Instead of buying from malls, getting thrifty is not bad when the quality are just the same, right? So if you want more of Miss Au's cakes and pastries, take a look of their Facebook page.

Miss Au shared me that her passion of baking has set her to put up a little business that will be loved by people. So I guess, I can say that skills will take you there, but the attitude will keep you there. True, right?


  1. OMG those cupcakes are amazing. Wish I could have one. I love cupcakes!

  2. red velvet and lemon one sounds very yummy! want to have some now! so good to eat them. or maybe can bake as well! xx

  3. that cake with chocolate ganache looks sinful and festive. perfect for Christmas as the centerpiece in the dining table and as a gift

  4. Their cupcakes are mouth watering. I wish they could deliver even if they have delivery charge I will order from them.

    1. no delivery, sis eh. pero going to philam is worthy as their cupcakes cost P25 only

  5. I may want to try these cupcakes soon since it is also located in our village haha =p

  6. The cupcakes really look delicious. I will consider buying some for gifts to colleagues.

  7. carrot cupcake? Oh no no no :D I don't think I'm gonna try that one hehe

  8. Ugh! cupcakes is my weakness! I always want to eat one if I see one.. :D

  9. cupcakes everywhere. It's good to know that they pattern their cupcake design to Christmas during this yuletide season

  10. Kids at home really loves cupcakes! First time i heard of carrot cupcakes.. :)

  11. We all love cupcake here especiallly hubby but he is very particular with the topping, arte non. Ms Au's capcakes are inviting.