Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Gift for Dad

Becoming a father is like becoming a piggy bank in the family as the man is responsible for financing the needs and wants of the family, am I right? Sometimes, the father ends up buying nothing for him because he becomes happy whenever his kids and his wife are able to have what they want.

This Christmas, why not reciprocate all the things he provided for us? Not by giving him a piggy bank but by giving him something he can use everyday. A walletMarithe Francois Girbaud is now on sale! Grab their wallet by 10% off!
Wallet Marithe Francois Girbaud

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  1. yes! true! something that they can use to next year wud be a great idea! xx

  2. Wow. This post makes me want to buy my dad a gift. I sure miss him a lot and I am hoping to see him again. HOpefully, I get to fly home to the Philippines for a vacation next year. Fingers crossed.

    If ever, I'll bring my dad to the Marithe Francois Girbaud boutique so he can freely pick what he wants.

    Have a nice day! Love that wallet on the pic by the way.

  3. really nice gift for you dad!! :D:D gave my lolo wallet too last christmas! he loved it haha :)

    The Bargain Doll

  4. The man of the house definitely has to be rewarded for all his hard work. Wallets are an excellent gift choice for him