Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FrontRow's Christmas Bash 2012

FrontRow community is known to be a hardworking, future-oriented, and a focused individual to get their dreams the fastest time. However, with all the hardships for getting such dreams, isn't a dedicated individual deserves a break that will unleash the loads of soul? Yes, FrontRow held an astounding Christmas Bash, open for everyone!
FrontRow Christmas Party

FrontRow, being a philanthropist, make the Christmas Bash become a medium to help the storm Pablo victims by donating shirt, shorts, canned goods, noodles, etc. In exchange with the quantities we give, we will receive tokens for the games inside FrontRow's headquarters.
donations and tokens

The registration staffs organize our numbers for our exchange gifts. Just take a look how many those gifts are!
Registration Staffs and the Gifts

Upon entering to the office, we can say that we are like in a bar, with the upbeat sounds, and playful lights we used to experience at clubs. In the lobby, it is where we will see the games we can play. The games are good for everything is new, never been played. First time. You can check the games here.
Christmas Games

The announcement of winner for poster making contest with the event organizer, Karen Asistio, in Santa Claus costume.
FrontRow Poster Making Contest

Going to the second floor let our craving be answered! Yum!
Ralph and the food

Okay! After getting binge with the foods from the second floor, we head out to the program proper at the first floor in S1. The program runs through a competition of team representatives - Evolution, Domination, New Blood, Unstoppable and Empire. The performance are really superb and surreal! Of course, our dear owners, Director RS Francisco and Sir Sam Verzosa share how grateful they are with the very successful Christmas bash.
Engr. Samuel Verzosa and Commercial Director RS Francisco

People who are loving to watch talent programs and has a funny bone with crack jokes of the MCs are for the inside while the people who are fun of mingling with other people are for the outside.
FrontRow Christmas Party

There's also a freedom wall!
Freedom Wall and Kath

An event will never be complete without striking a pose from the lenses we love! The photo booth is the one with the longest queues.

We know that FrontRow community exudes good looking people so who else would come to a close? Rico Barrera, JC Flores and Rob Sy stir in with the pool of stunning members!

JC Flores, Sir Philip, Rico Barrera and Rob Sy
photos credit to:
Joyce Rasay
Ralph Benas
Erick Que


  1. Congrats to your community, it deserves to exist. The group advocacy is good, keep it up!

  2. Looks like a fun yet charitable event. :) Hope you'll do more. :)


  3. whatta great holiday!! i love this! xx