Wednesday, January 16, 2013

KFC Party Package

I remember the time when I just had my debut at Kowloon House, West Avenue. I was eighteen but I felt that nothing really changed. I am still the Jam that they used to know but it felt like every visitor have treated you a lady - men danced you with roses, your girlfriends messaged you wonderful greetings and your parents advice you to behave and explore the world with morale.

But wake up, I am at my niece's seventh birthday party at KFC MCU. My Tita and her husband has decided for Ish to have seven candles and seven roses as well. Most of the visitors she has are her classmates so what would you expect is a chaotic world at KFC.

Meanwhile, my cousins and I had a chitchat and took pictures as well. Then later the food came along catering 80 guests. Spaghetti with Chicken and Chocolate Mousse are for kids while the Fully Loaded Meal are for adults. The KFC Party Package is from 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

KFC Party Package

After that, the program began with games for kids then later the seven candles and seven roses ceremonies started. How was the feeling to be treated like this, that you are only seven years old, eh? Feels like you are a princess!
Seven Roses KFC

During the kids are having their message at Ish, it is very lovable to hear mature words coming from them like being God-fearing, being career-oriented and etc. It felt like I was watching Little Miss Philippines with their fantastic messages.
Seven Candles KFC

The energetic vibes of the kids are back when the mascot, Chicky, showed to the room and the KFC crew also prepare for another game! Everybody wanted to have different snacks coming from that oblong barbie box!
Chicky of KFC and the Kids
When the program is about to end, everybody put a dedication message to Ish's board (wow, just like a real debutante). Souvenirs are also given to kids - lunch box, and of course, the pretty in pink Barbie cake with cupcakes are very enticing to eat!
KFC Kiddie Party

Apparently, I would not let myself not to have a picture with my pretty niece! SMILE!


  1. I love the food at KFC from the chicken to spaghetti and fries.

  2. Wow! Your niece is lucky to have been given such a unique 7th birthday party :D It must've been chaotic nga considering they're kids, but I bet it was tons of fun too. Anyway, belated happy birthday to Ish! :)

  3. Times have changed really with much emphasis on celebrating 7th birthdays of children and with so much flair at that. Happy Birthday to your niece!

  4. it's awesome kfc party package, the party looks lots of fun

  5. this is a good birthday package for the kids and kids at heart. :)