Monday, February 4, 2013

Money Beyond Commodity

Whether moral or not, I have proven that money is the most influential thing that can fix circumstances.

For instance, if one of your family members get sick, how will he or she gets better? Hospital and medications are the answer, of course. However, quick aid will only be guaranteed by sending him or her to good hospitals with excellent doctors where professional fees are incredibly high. With money, a bad situation can be turned into a good one.

Meanwhile, money can also help people achieve thing illegally to be free from a bad situation. For example, one frustrated murder took place and the two parties went to court to hear both sides. However, the suspect turned out to be proven innocent just because he paid a handsome amount of cash to clear his name.
Is money good or bad?
These are just a couple of scenarios that show the influence of money. Money gives people a sense of power over people. Having money gives you the feeling that you can have it all.

Money is used as a means of exchanging resources. It is the reason why you work hard everyday even though you are not happy. Money is a necessity, but sometimes it is difficult to admit that the need for money is being dictated by the media and the society. It is saddening to know that even some government officials here in the Philippines are being motivated by their greed for money as seen in the numerous corruption cases flagging the country.

Is money really good or is it just bad? Haven’t you considered that money might simply be a tool to test your values? If a big amount of money is in your possession, what will you do? You see, everything depends on your choices. Money is power. You can be greedy and luxurious today and you can be generous with the lesser fortunate. You could use it for good or for bad purposes. What you do with your money is always up to you. After all, it's your choices that make a difference.

Written by: Janine Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera


  1. I think we need here is DISCIPLINE. Money will play both good or bad depends on how you use it. It's up to you actually.

  2. I once heard that Money is just a piece of paper. Use money and don't let money use you. ^^

  3. I don't think money is bad. What makes it bad is greed and ill intentions.

  4. Money is a tool. We determine whether it's good or bad. Diba? :)

  5. Monet isn't bad at all except if you be enslaved to its power.

  6. I agree that money does have the potential to be good and evil. It depends now on the person to choose which side he is on :)

  7. The only thing we have for sale is time !