Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Activities to do on the Beach

March may signify a graduation month, but hey! March also signifies that it is already summer! Get tan and dark, and chill through the water splash. We may think that going to the beach is just about swimming, but there are many ways to spend your holiday on the beach with fun-filled activities. Here are some of the pastimes we have for our team outing:

1. Relay – to run on the sand is easier but how hard it is to run on the water? In this way, our sense of balance and our speed maintenance is challenged when we plunge our body to the water; the world seems slow-pace.

2. Boodle Fight – the feeling of being so native when we use our fingers instead of using utensils when eating. Look how our poise as girls to do not care how mess up our fingers maybe. Actually I enjoy this! 
Boodle Fight

3. Tug of War – experience the hot feeling of your hands when pulling a very forceful rope. It takes a lot of effort to pull back the rope but our team end up lying on each other’s back and takes a rest on the white sand. 
Tug of War

4. Videoke – every resort have this machine where people can show their talent at singing. This is also the machine where people became ruthless to their ear drum’s audience when getting alcoholic because any song becomes high-pitched.

5. Cards Playing – Pusoy dos, unggoy-unggoyan, Black Jack or Lucky 9 – whoever is the loser has a punishment of red lipstick to be drawn in his face. When we have our kayaking, we do not know if the boys had their sun burn already or just because of the lipstick marks that makes them mestizos. 
Card Playing

6. Kayaking – we have another relay through kayaking. The deal is when we fall off the water because of balance failure and because of the strong wind, we will start again in the beginning. I’m so lucky that my partner knows how to navigate the sailing. 

7. Star Gazing – After all of those activities, how peaceful to take a look in the sky and see the twinkling stars. The bonus part is, the wave brings us serenity. Reflect and imagine!
Star Gazing

8. Guitar Playing – I can also hear from where we are lying, are the boys who are singing and strumming their guitars. The videoke is put into rest. 
Guitar Playing

9. Banana Boat – a water tour which is drag by a speed boat ahead of us and be thrown in the midst of the sea because of the abrupt pull. It is a satisfying feeling for a non-swimmer like me to be in the depth part of the water but has a relief to be rescued because of the life jacket I wear. 
Banana Boat

10. Eat Ice Candy – a temporary way to chill and to not feel the heat of the sun! It is also the cheapest food in replacement of halo-halo or buko juice. 

11. Henna – beach lovers always do this so we do not miss the chance to have a mark, aside from the tan lines, that we have to our unforgettable team outing. It costs P100/$2.43 but because we are too many we have a discount of less 50%!

So much things to do, right? And while doing this activities, let us not forget to take care of our skin. We have a sunscreen lotion to protect us from getting sunburn. After having tan lines, there's nothing to worry for there are lots of glutathione supplement that is in the market! Enjoy the beach!

***thanks to social networking site that I am able to grab some pictures from my team mates to use here and here are some of my captures!


  1. These really are the activities you can do in the beach especially this summer.

  2. Yeah, summer is really fast approaching. we even felt it everyday while rays of the sun hit us badly, it's kinda burning us alive. .opposite from it, we all love summer for it is the time to ignore all the pressures given to us by our jobs,school or study, and all negative thing just happened to us everyday. . Let's enjoy summer!

  3. yes! I wanna try all those activities when I go to the beach this summer.

  4. nice ideas! i guess i would love to do everything haha specially playing guitars at night time too! xx

  5. you have a great line up to do in the beach. Pinoy way is still the best compared to the boring team building here.

  6. I think cards and videoke are really great social activities on the beach.

  7. cool and fun activities. Think our team should try this too :)

  8. Fun beach activities. Me, I'll have to settle for tsibog and just feast my eyes on those bikini-clad girls.

  9. Hmm call me kill joy but I don't enjoy those activities in the beach haha what I enjoy most is FOOD and just playing around the waves. :)

  10. Reading these makes me not wanna wait for our summer vacay already, 5 weeks more! :( I just wanna get on the sand and do all these! haha

  11. LOL! Yung first kayaking ko, natumbling yung kayak, ayun, naligo tuloy kami, hahaha :)

    1. hahah! buti na lang marunong yung kasama ko eh.

  12. Boodle fight after kayaking will always be the best experience for me. Simply superb! I love summer!

  13. What a great experience. I miss those days with my family and friends

  14. boodle fight is amazing!! and never forget the videoke!! it's a must! :)

  15. i am blinded by the videoke and EATING as the only activities i know at the beach ... hahahaha.. things that i usually do and the rest are just alternatives... poor me :D

  16. I miss playing at the beach, saya talaga ng summer!

  17. SUMMER is here again and staying in the beach is the most favorite destination of most people during this season. These fun activities are sure ways to enjoy and have memorable experience with friends and family.

  18. These are great tips, hope we can go to the beach this summer vacation and do all these things

  19. Those are cool activities to do. That eating ice candy reminds me my childhood days.