Monday, April 8, 2013

Your Life's Playlist: Mess We've Made by AJ Rafael & Tori Kelly

There are things that must end for we know to ourselves that it will not last. It’s like letting the dead flowers and plants to be in the garden yet still keeping it safe even if we know it doesn't add beauty to the backyard any longer. It only occupies the space in the house and that the best way to let it out is to remove and let new plants and flowers to grow.
Mess We've Made - AJ Rafael and Tori Kelly
Love on the rocky road… It might prevail from our diluted thoughts to continue and to fight for the love. However, we find that it is best to let it go because we know it will not work out anymore. We have to have the courage to face the pain and to set him free. The love is still there, but the feelings are not stronger as before. The relationship is in state and we accept the fact that we do not live in fairy tales because in reality, there are messes made. Here is the song that you could relate to.

(Verse 1)
I'd been so strong for so long
I could handle everything
Now that you've gone through that door,
I can't see anything
Oooooohh I swallow my pain 
Oooooohh Nothing's the same

Let this come crashing down
There's no way to fix it now
We're lost in the crowd
and our love will soon decay
Just look at the mess we've made
We both know that we can't stay

(Verse 2)
I was hoping that this would last
I guess i was wrong
Ohh I planned out our future together
But now that's all gone Ohh, oooohhh
Another mistake (another mistake) Ooooohh
We're both to blame (we're both to blame)

Repeat Chorus

Ohh,Everything we ever had now is ending
I didn't wanna have to say our goodbye (didn't wanna have to say goodbye)
Baby, It's best we let this go
Trust me It's better if we just...

Repeat Chorus


  1. You made me cry, honestly! ;-( Great song. Great lyrics. Letting go is somehow the hardest thing to do especially if it would be with the person you love the most, but once it's the only thing left to make everything better, then we just have to do it.

    1. So true. The hardest thing to handle is our emotion.

  2. Connect much with the song. Hehehehehe. Affected? A little bit. I am now okay and living my life all over again.

  3. Great song! Indeed, letting go is probably the toughest phase in our lives.

  4. Life is not a fairy tale but we can create our own happy endings by overcoming all the obstacles we face.

  5. I like the song because it says the real thing about love.

  6. Tears ran down my face as I read the lyrics... Such a sad song.

  7. A very touching song. Thanks for posting