Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

Watching movies are just one of the things I usually do whenever I go to a mall which is highly influenced by my friends as my parents are not movie theater lovers, preferring to watch movie at the house slouching on the couch or lying on the bed before going to sleep. Anyway, I even thought of becoming the main actress of the movie I watch so grab your Kettle Korns and let me share with you the story I will role if I will be the one:

Jam is a Sales Supervisor in a hotel where everybody is afraid of her because of her hostile look and strict discipline towards her employees. She even scolds an employee because of unprocessed papers which the deadline is that day.

That night, she goes to a filthy garage with bundle of box and vandals on the wall. Someone appears to her back and it’s Olga, the leader of the dance crew where she is a member. Olga tells Jam that there would be a new competition where the dance crew leader is Quattro, the popular and unbeatable crew where they would have assembly the next day. After that, Jam meets Marco and they eat a dinner.

In her office, there is a newly hired employee named Ian that is assigned in Banquet Sales Department and intimidated of her bossy attitude. In the General Assembly, Ian meets Jam and they have known that they are under the competing crew. Thrilled with what he has found out, Ian can’t help but mock Jam during their office hours, that bossy is actually a sociable person. Meanwhile, there is an Assistant Supervisor that comes from another hotel branch named Louisiana where Jam becomes her close friend. Later on, Jam realizes that Louisiana is much chosen by their General Manager and that she has more recognition than her. 

Kettle Korn

Heading to their hideout, Jam gives Ian a ride seen by Louisiana and the next day, everybody has thought in their office that they are together and because Jam is the superior, she is the one who got fired. Disappointed, she does not attend to the Assembly a couple of times that makes Ian feel guilty with what happened even if it is just a misunderstanding until he sees Jam with Marco and relieved that she is okay and that someone comforts her.

Jam finally appears to the Assembly where she and Ian gets closer making Quattro angry befriending an enemy and planned shooting him but saved by Marco and reveals they are police, been eyeing them because Quattro is actually an illegal drug dealer.

Cleared with everything, Marco is a best friend of Jam and Ian has got the chance to be with her. Jam realizes to not force herself with the things which is not her specialty thus continue to where she excels and that is dancing and to be an undercover police.

Is my story took you so long? Are your Kettle Korns got empty? Well, Kettle Korns play a big role whenever I watch movies alone where I continuously chew whether there are breath taking or nerve-racking scenes! Caramel, butterlicious, cheese, sweet corn, or sweet n’ salty twister – there are many flavors to choose from sating my craves! I don’t feel alone as long as I am eating Kettle Korn, as long as there is something to munch. Kettle Korn makes me watching movies poppin’ fun all time!


  1. Effect of eating Kettle Korn Popcorn...hahahahaha...nice movie imagination here... LOL. Anyway I love eating Kettle Korn especially the sweetened and the cheese flavor.

  2. I love Kettle Korn! I usually order their cheese flavored kettle corns! :P Oh, great story by the way!! :)

  3. Interesting story! But it's hard to type stories when your fingers are sticky with cheese Kettle corn! :D

  4. I like the different flavors of kettle korn ever since I tried it before.

  5. love Kettle Korn too! my favorite is cheese flavor.