Saturday, May 25, 2013

You Quack, Super Duck!

After the coffee craze of Filipinos, here comes the tea shops that appear in every corner of the malls where I get to realize that everything is set for perfect timing for a certain product to get trend, do you agree? And here’s a new tea shop in Ortigas that is introduced to me from Taiwan - Super Duck Modern Tea Shop!
Super Duck, Ortigas

Super Duck Tea has 12 branches in Taiwan and the owner started only as a crew in one of the tea shop there. What has made him to be successful is because of his passion with the tea rather than the business that has set him to be one of the most popular tea shops in Lu Kang, Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Steve and his wife Ellen happen to taste its authentic taste. With that, Steve has proposed to franchise and put up the business here in the Philippines. Now, Dennis who is his cousin and Olivia have joined with them too. Wow, I just wish I can have same business with someone I trust too someday.

They have overflowing tea lists so I would discuss this by category and as simpler as I can. Allright!

PERFECT TEA BLENDS are fruits with tea

Mixed Fruit Green Tea: Orange, passion fruit, passion pulp, lemon and coco jelly, fresh apple and coco jelly.

Roselle Plum with Fig Jelly: lowers the risk of having heart attack and high blood pressure

SUPER DUCK MILK TEAS are the list of all their milk teas. By the way, there are two kinds of teas they serve for milk tea: the black tea which is the usual taste we know and the green tea which we get to have the fragrant after taste. Problems with us Filipino, we cannot appreciate the green tea because we feel like we are drinking cologne (‘Im the guilty one when I was in college) but as time goes on and taste preference change, I am able to appreciate green teas.

Jasmine Green Milk Tea: this is the milk tea with a flowery taste
Green Heart Oolong Milk Tea: their best seller as it is good for the heart.
Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea: Salted Oolong, rustic taste and good for the heart too!
Adzuki Bean Milk Tea: the bean they use here is from Taiwan. There is no bean here in the Philippines that can fit into the real taste of Adzuki Bean.

TEA BAGS from Taiwan are difficult to take it at home because the water is not filtered. Good thing that Super Duck's ice is filtered so that the taste will not alter, just so you know, the main ingredient is the water!

Black Fruit Chestnut Tea. Picture below is the actual size of their serving.
Golden Oolong Tea. Very light and relaxing drink.

MILK SERIES. Just another trivia, Taiwanese don’t really drink water but milk! No wonder. Let us take a look of their milk series. So this one has no tea which can be very good recommendation for kids.

Roasted Matcha with Brown Rice: the crispy tidbits are the brown rice, what’s on top is the matcha milk and the under are the black beans that are already grind.
French Rose Milk Tea: From the name itself brings sophistication and when you love it, you have a royal taste! But all of us love the taste, so it means we’ve got the state-of-the-art. Come on!

SUPER DUCK TEAS are the kind of teas they always prepare for the day just like this one.

Wenshan Clear Tea: It is called Wenshan derived from mountain of Taiwan and making it to be named the Taiwan tea.

NAI KAI WITH CHEESE and Philippines is a cream cheese country!

Wintermelon Nai Kai (left) and Chocolate Nai Kai (right) have the art of drinking. First, taste the cream cheese; second, taste the liquid; third, mixed the drink; and fourth, you lick the cup! Yum, delicious ever, as I am a fan of cream cheese.

Their drinks could cater all – from kids, parents, grandparents, and to the yuppies where the pleasure of alcohol intake is much to the extreme. With that, Super Duck can have you this!

Heineken Green Tea

Bailey’s Milk Tea
These are very excellent, like you already have cocktail drinks disguised as a tea and I swear that these are a-must-try!


Their quackers are really good and healthy. Veggie nuggets that taste like chicken, flavorful shrooms, the veggie cheesedogs that taste like meat, and the delicious tofu bites, how did it all happen? Is it because of their flavoring salt and pepper and plum and pepper or they are just meticulous to fascinate their customers?

Taiwanese toasts will be served to the public soon. They are just polishing for the bread that is best for the spread. Chocolate, coconut, and garlic toast. The winner of my taste is the coconut spread!

Taiwan Herbal Jelly Dessert: So this is a Taiwan dessert that can be compared to the Philippines’ halo-halo. It contains pearl, herbal jelly, fig jelly, qq pearl, and it is unsweetened with the purpose of exploration of taste from the sinkers.

And we have free gift certificate and one take-out drink for dinner or for our breakfast the next day! Yey!

So what do I say aside from having full tummy with all the drinking and tasting session? I will definitely come back to this tea shop (not for the sake of promoting) because this is a kind of tea shop that has garnered their knowledge and it seems that its passion has passed through to the franchiser. This is a splendid discovery in Ortigas and you just really make me quack-quack. You definitely duck, Super Duck!

Super Duck Modern Tea Shop
AIC Burgundy, ADB Avenue corner Garner St. Ortigas Pasig City
Tel No: 570 2292
0917 891 0697


  1. I want to try it out soon. The only problem I have about shops in Ortigas is parking.


    1. True! parking lots get occupied easily.

  2. They have unique flavors and I also like that they have quackers as side dish.

  3. My eyes glued on Heineken Green Tea, that would be refreshing.

  4. Hmmm.. I wonder what will Heineken and Barley's Green Tea woul d taste like.. :D

    I'm also a milk tea lover and you've got to try them all! waah! :D

  5. Oh! Another tea place... but looking at their menu, it looks like they have a lot of unique flavors. :) Will share to my friends at Ortigas Area.

  6. I love milktea! will definitely give them a visit when i get to Ortigas area. thanks ;)

  7. Bailey's milk tea and Heineken hehe cool! I'm not much of a green tea person also, I want to try the Wintermelon and Chocolate, looks yummy!

  8. This one would be one of my to-visit tea houses when I have the time to relax and unwind.

  9. My office is located in Ortigas, and I might try this out tomorrow! =)

  10. Ooh, Wintermelon Nai Kai. Interesting. I hope to see a branch near my place.

  11. I'm a sucker for teas and milk teas so it's such a shame I wasn't available for this event >.< Anyhow, I'll be checking Super Duck soon when I'm in the area. Would love to try their offerings and blog about them too :)

    1. yes sis Sumi. it is really a good place to go. they say their peak hour is at night.

  12. Wow that's a lot of tea variants to choose from! I wanna try the Bailey's Milk Tea. :)

    1. The bailey's milk tea has stronger alcoholic content but i guess you can tell them to lessen. :)

  13. I was also lucky to have been able to try Super Duck. I was invited to their grand launch event. I love their teas. And their snacks too!

    1. wow.. you are the lucky one to taste their teas first! :)