Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers's Day in Wang Fu Chinese Cafe

Wang Fu is a local restaurant from Philippines yet inspired by a Singapore-Chinese cuisine. It's been running for 11 months in Il Terrazzo mall and will have its branch just along Timog area too in Quezon City. Wang Fu means "House of Prince" and the day just set it right for my father. We are celebrating Father's Day here! My daddy could be our king, but as he gets older, it seems like we are taking good care of a hard-headed teenager like a prince who always break the order.
Wang Fu

We choose to dine here in Wang Fu because we refrain to go to malls and to avoid hearing my father and mother's complaints as they get dizzy easily to the crowd. Moreover, the prince is craving for spare ribs since last Friday. So this spare time with family, how tasteful is their spare ribs?

Seafood Tofu Soup PhP 208.00
This very large serving that is creamy, has diced tofu and egg whites is good for 4-5 persons. The smell is like we are dining near the sea shore and the soup makes us warm from the heavy rain outside.
Seafood Tofu Soup

Soy Chicken Rice PhP 168.00
We order rice meal instead of the food for shares as the three of us do not really eat heavy meals. Ala carte of soy chicken is P198 but here, we have soy chicken with rice for P168.00. This soy chicken is very soft like having same cooking procedure for Hainanese Chicken however, soy Chicken is much flavorful than Hainanese though. Don't forget it has sate sauce and ginger sauce for dippings.
Soy  Chicken

Sweet & Sour Fish Rice PhP 138.00
Since I want to go healthy for the day, I ordered a fish meal. Their sweet and sour fish has an ordinary taste but it has more bell peppers and the fish is so soft.
Sweet and Sour Fish

Char Siu BBQ Spareribs Rice PhP 168.00
My dad's craving! Deep brown roasted spareribs plated with parsley. It is almost perfect but the meat is not that tender making my father difficult to cut by using only his fork and spoon.
Charsiu BBQ Spareribs

Peach Red Tea PhP 68.00
They have varieties of drinks - from hot to cold, freeze to float! The drink has its fresh slices of peaches and of course I eat them.
Peach Red Tea

Happy Father's Day! To the father who always work over time, too industrious even if he is already retired and no longer in the ship. A man who always seek for things to do. We love you!
Happy Father's Day

Wang Fu Chinese Cafe - Il Terrazzo
Ground Flr Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Madrinian, 1103, QC, Philippines

Their Drinks


  1. havent tried wangfu yet pero mukhang affordable their meals :) would love to try it soon :D

    1. Yea.. affordable for that very good interior. hehe. minsan basehan ang kamahalan sa itsura ng resto eh. :p

  2. Reading this post this late 12:56 am on my clock makes me crave for something to eat ugh! What a sumptuous way to treat your dad on fathers day :) I'm pretty sure you had a great family bonding time.

    Hugs and kisses from ♥ missJHENZ

  3. I've always been a fan of Chinese cuisine. The prices there seem reasonable. That's one Father's Day you won't soon forget :)

  4. lucky you still have your father around :) savor the moments! u made me hungry! haha

    1. yeah. and i guess thats the reason why i dont have work, but a small business instead. because i want To enjoy life being with them. :)

  5. Love the food at Wangfu! Reasonably priced and delicious. :)

  6. I love soy chicken, though I haven't tried the one from Wangfu. :)

  7. What a lucky daughter you are. And what a lucky father your have too! Inggit ako cos I don't have a father anymore. Huhuhu.

  8. wow! I should definitely visit this place! The food looks delicious!!! <3

  9. The Sweet and Sour Fish and the Spare Ribs looks really delicious.

  10. Yay! Mouth-watering foods. Yum!!!

    Belated Happy father's day to your Dad.