Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fill & Seal of Benefits Style Salon

Student Days
It's been months already since I have planned to have a keratin treatment for my hair. Back when I was in high school up to college, my hair had been rebonded continuously and when I had my first work when I was 21 years old, I decided to let my hair breathe with all the chemicals and stand for 2 years and this is just how bad it looks. Anyway, I have to deal with all the abusive manners I had with my hair.

No Rebond Treatment
Now I'm already 23, I want to pamper my hair by making it manageable and soft and with no chemicals as for now. I was looking for Azta Urban Salon in Tomas Morato but it's been replaced by Benefits Style Salon last 2011 and I have nothing to worry about if they will handle my hair with tender loving care because they are sister company.

They call their keratin treatment "Fill and Seal" for they fill a liquid to your root hair strands as a means of repair. They use Biolage Cera-Vital Repair and this is in a liquid form.

Right after applying the liquid treatment Mayviel, the accommodating staff, put the cream version of the Biolage and let it leave for 20 minutes only with head massage. The cream is for dry and frizzy hair so this cream would bring softness to my hair.

The time ran so quick because I have my friends who are with me and they also get to talk to the staff too. I am planning to perm my hair this August while my friend is planning to dye her hair and the whole conversation circled to this topic.

After 20 minutes, it was rinsed with water and got some haircut, Chadah!

For only P1,300.00, I had my fill and seal and a haircut for P350.00. With friendly staffs and comfy salon, I can really say that they are a sister company of Azta Urban Salon.

I also bought their ULTRA-Hydrating Shampoo, ULTRA Hydrating Conditioner and the Hydra-Creme for P1200.00. Hyrdra Creme is the cream that was applied to me but they say that I can do this at home like I was having hot oil myself. I like the Matrix Biolage's scent as it is so relaxing and refreshing. This week, I'm gonna dye my hair because Miami Heat won. I'm gonna give you an update soon! Bye for now. XOXO.

Benefits Style Salon
Tomas Morato, Quezon City


  1. Sigh... wala na pala ang Azta Urban salon ; (


    1. dun lang sa tomas morato sis pero azta is still alive. so alive! :)

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  3. Love the results! This reminds me, I need to visit a salon soon! :D

    By the way, for how long does the effect last?

  4. nice haircut! It's better not to put too much chemicals on your hair since it can make a real damage to it. But nonetheless, at least you stayed away with it. :D

  5. It's nice that you found a good keratin treatment. Our hair needs to be pampered to. You look a lot fresher after the treatment.

  6. I cannot imagine spending that much money on my hair but it does look good on you. :)