Monday, July 8, 2013

The Awesome Life in Manila by Wu! Fest

Sometimes, we tend to get so serious because of the intricacy of life we face and we sulk into our rooms thinking of how life's supposed to be but, we live to be happy isn't? And why waste the time of our life in solitary when we can actually have fun with the people we know or the people we are just about to know?

Yes, that's what actually happen to us with my friend, Jeck, in What's Up Fest! Living the life to the fullest!

Upon arriving to the parking area of A.Venue Mall in Makati, we go to Bistecca booth and try their Steak & Mash. It's a USDA T-Bone strips on the Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Corn with Truffle Butter for P450.00. The meat is so soft and served medium rare, and the mashed potatoes' softness and the chewy corn makes the food interesting. Their store is located in Rockwell and has been running for three years already.

Eat my GF (Garlic Fries)
Here is The Big Ohhh. A half pound burger patty made with 50% beef and 50% bacon topped with cheese, sunny side up egg, lettuce, tomato, onion and two strips of bacon that is the food we can surely not resist.

We quench our thirst through this carbonated juice drink which is already out in the market that can be found in convenience stores!

Table Soccer
We played this because Jeck knows how to play this one and I always get lose because of some breach but on the last part, I win and I get a price of Marks & Spencer sparkling wine and have a plaque as a champion for the hourly fun tournament. The game makes us to get sweat. By the way, they are actually increasing the Team Buhawi and Team Ipo Ipo here in Philippines which is held by Mr.Butch Francisco and we have a good chat with her brother, Mr. Jay Francisco!

Mojo is an energy drink to enhance physical/sexual performance of both male and female users. It is a blend of vitamins, minerals with minimum sugar. While we are taking pictures to the Hooters Girls to make our boyfriends get envious, I accidentally blocked the officer's way for shooting a bag while he is playing. With that, he invites us to try it for only P100.00 and we get to try the Mojo Boost! I let Jeck take the floor to play, and if she shoots bags in the hole, we have price but unfortunately we didn't make it.
shoot that bag

These are not just art gallery because artists are doing the live art to fascinate audience like us! Those are really beautiful.

Harley Davidson big bikes in yellow, black, and orange! I've heard a lot from Harley Davidson's through magazine but it is my first time to see those bikes.

Taking pictures with this scorching hot chicks from Hooters as mentioned above, to make our boyfriends get envious. Wink!

Cherry Oh!
It is actually an online store for hippie people! What catch our eyes is this colorful fig tree!

Sprinto is a sporting goods specializing in their sunglasses. Dubai, Singapore, Philippines, and Hong Kong are the countries that are all ready conquered by Sprinto. I have this shirt for free and be proud as Team Azkals also wear Sprinto eye wear. I love it so never think twice.

Naughty Ninja
Ninjas will get caught if they wear these wristbands as it is a LED Motion Sensor. For only P150.00 you can have this and can light up a concert hall just like what they did to Jason Mraz' concert.

The Pocket Universe Art Collective
It's an online store again but they also collect arts for exhibits in San Antonio Village, Makati. Their goodies are really cool and a suggestive gift for your rock star friends! Rock and Roll.

Flatbread Central
Located in A.Venue Mall and in Dapitan at the back of UST campus, here is the Flatbread Central that serves enormous flatbread! Anyway, they have samples of White, Pepperoni, Meat Lover, and Cheesy Garlic. We get the White and the Pepperoni. White taste like Carbonara sauce and the Pepperoni is just good.

Bayani Brew
It is a drink that is really heroic as it is from Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm located in Angat Bulacan and also under the company of Human Nature. Yes, their drink is made from the extract of lemongrass, and sweet potato leaves (talbos ng kamote) and the taste is sweet! Cancer fighting, anti-diabetes, lowers cholesterol, improves digestion, and relieves rheumatism, how nature loving it is.

Suay Thai
It is a traditional thai massage and Jeck really loves to try it as she feels exhausted with her work and for a freelancer like me, I could conclude I'm more stress-free and has the freedom to do what I want. However, the chummy staffs of Suay Thai tells me I have lots of nodules. With one hour back massage for P99.00 only, it's more than worth trying as they offer it for P299.00 as a regular price. The lavender oil they massaged to us for our head is just really relaxing and they tell us that they are under the company of Bioessence. Visit them at 168 Shopping Mall, Binondo.

Bear Beer
If teddy bear is lovable to cuddle, have a Bear Beer to feel the hug of this imported beer from Denmark. Imported but affordable now out in convenience stores! Usually ranges from P45.00 - P50+.

Whoah! We surely did the fest like we'll never have tomorrow. Lastly, we had this picture before bidding goodbye to the place. What's Up you are so awesome, we experienced the fest life!

Special thanks to Wazzup Pilipinas and to Jeck's photos!


  1. Wow! This looks like super fun! You got lots of activities and stuff to check out. I'm so curious with the Bayani Brew and Naughty Ninja :D

    1. Yeah! a solution to your one boring day. hoho

  2. What an amazing event! i would love to attend What's Up? feast next time. It's a perfect opportunity for small scale business and merchandise to be recognized.

    Kudos to the organizers and thank you for sharing, Jam!

  3. I love Eat my GF! The steak looks good too! :)

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    HIgH Two EVeryOne

  5. There are a lot of cool activities and places to eat at A Venue. I think I've been to A. Venue just once or twice even if I'm from Makati but I should visit more.

  6. You really enjoyed it. It shows on the smiles on your faces. That 'The Big Ohhh' looks so delish! :)

  7. wow! so many things that you have accomplished in one day! the eat my gf burger looks so delish! :D