Monday, August 19, 2013

Sob Not Allowed at grüb!

Meats, tomatoes, cheeses, and bacons...which we find people have common favorites! So what else would we want to do when these are served in front of us? Of course, we would grub it! Yet the most important thing here is we are going to grub this in grüb! that is located inside the ELJ Communications Building (ABSCBN) open from 11 AM to 9 PM.

Before we begin, let us not mistaken it as the Chuck's Grub because they are entirely different, okay? So, what's on their menu?

Of Wings and Things
Fricken Chicken Wings (P169.00)
For freaking barkadas who love finger foods, munch this to had the state of preparedness for the grubs!

Wicked Potato Chips (P29.00)
But if you want something light, have this chips as your appetizer.

In Between Bread
The bread they used here is called New England Style Split Top Buns and in between bread, here are some of the awesome choices we had.

The Pig Candy Melt (P119.00)
I was delighted to find my favorite piece - the bacon and I was really satisfied with what I ate.

Moo Melt (P129.00)
This one is a beef with cheese sauce but I find the cheese overpowering.

The Hot Chicks (P109.00)
I also like the flavor of this one. Those are chicken pops in spicy flavor.

Beef of Burden (P129.00)
For me, this is best as a rice meal.

Rice & Shine
Beef of Burden (P139.00)
And yes, the herbs flavor are much appreciated with rice than with the bun.

The Codfather (P139.00)
For the healthy bod out there, they also offer something fishy. I wished I have tried eating this one to know how the sauce taste like.

#1 Beef Tapa (P179.00)
Of course, the ultimate favorite of Pinoy that grüb! surely would not miss. Their beef as far as I can remember is imported.

Meatballs & Red (P129.00)
A generous serving we had from their pasta and those balls are really big.

Greens & Tuna (P79.00)
I haven't tasted this one but at least we know that they offer greens.

Greens & Shrimp (P89.00)
I had this one for take out because shrimps are my favorite too. As I went home, that is when I realize that I only have to shake it because it is contained in a plastic glass. No need for mix and mix and the dressing is full.

Pop Culture
Frozen Fruit Pops (29.00)
Its in avocado flavor!

Upon evaluation, prices are generally lower which is contrary to the aura of the restaurant from the outside. However, when you are already seated and roamed around your eyes to the whole area, the feeling is actually homey... laid-back... comfy! Plus the music comes from different decades so when the guest sang, we already knew how old or how young he/she is. Lol!

What do you think would be the merchandises here? I'm excited for the smiley shirts! I'm sure I'll be one of their buyer if it is already available.

Conversing with the man behind this store is very personal because he really likes meeting new people. I haven't asked him, but I affirm that the inspiration for putting up the business is because of letting the guests have the vibe of relationship - the sense of togetherness. Imagine that they do not operate on Saturdays and Sundays just to give way to their staff to enjoy the family day, he and his wife operates the business together, and the logo itself tells that we should be happy. Am I sending the message that the business is made with passion and love? üüü

With the power of the two as a partner in life and a business partner, it would not be a surprise if we hear an expansion of grüb! Not soon though, as they have started just this July 1, 2013. For the mean time, more power to the happiest restaurant I've dined! I'd prefer to chill here when near the area.

ELJ Communications Center Building
Sgt. Esguerra corner Mother Ignacia QC


  1. Their food looks yummy. Would definitely check out that restaurant sometime soon. :)

  2. THE PIG CANDY MELT - looks so delish! Wanna try it out. :)

  3. looks like something I would like to try the plus factor is it's just near me so Imight drop by soon! Thanks for sharing

  4. Their menu looks delicious, I really hope I get to drop by there to try it! :)

  5. aha! This looks like a good discovery. Will be trying it here pretty soon :)And the food is affordable too!

  6. sandwiches and meatballs looks amazing! those yummy food looks so delightful! panira ng diet!! haha. Though I am sure that the price is right with this foods! sure is a must try!

  7. This looks like an interesting place. I'll definitely bring bf here. :) Thanks!

  8. Yummy! Sarap kain nito Jam. May kulang pa ako sayo ha wait mo lng :)

  9. Waaaahhh parang ang sarap kumain dito! Hopefully makapunta ako dyan one day and the prices are good for me :D

  10. i am really rooting for two things, the pig candy melt and chicken sandwich. nice post!

  11. my husband and I is planning to have a business back there in Philippines. Indeed a good partner in business is a good thing to do with each other you can lean on!

  12. They have a lot of tasty and savory meals to choose from. Will try this when I'm in QC.

  13. Grub is also near my office. I'll try to visit with my officemates. Do they deliver?

    1. im not sure with that sis.. punta ka na lang ABS. sarap to chill there. :)

  14. I've heard of it before.. and that greens and shrimp looks so mouthwatering.. they really have a good menu!!

  15. Wow Jam!! That Moo Melt is making me hungry right now! I want to try it out! ♥

  16. The price looks reasonable. But they could probably improve more on their food plating.

  17. I like the beef tapa here because of the tomatoe. Yun ang nag-aad sa panlasa ko.

  18. Yummy foods they are offering . I wanna like to try the Moo Melt, kahit sabihin mo pang overpowering ang cheese.

  19. they looks yummy! i like the shake-a-salad! maybe im gonna put this restaurant in my list to visit on my next vacation! thanks for sharing!

  20. The names on the menu sounds really interesting..
    If I were to take a quick and I'm I'm around the area,
    I wouldn't think twice dining here

  21. The foods look so yummy! The place looks very relaxing too. I would love the Beef burden one :D

  22. The Codfather looked really amazing. The names of the dishes are creative! Prices are affordable. This place deserves a visit sometimes soon.

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  25. I wanna try the Codfather and the shake a salad both looks mouthwatering :)

  26. Gosh nagutom tuloy ako. I'm currently having my study break and I want potato chips right now:)

    1. hehehe! its kinda difficult to eat while studying coz u just tend to sleep after. :p

  27. Love the shake a salad and potato chips. Thanks for sharing them to us. Never heard of the place until I read your post.