Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My First 5K Run: Sofitel-RunRio Battle of the Sexes Leg 2

Arrived at Mall of Asia at exactly 4 AM with wide-open eyes because I didn't manage myself to doze off for the whole night for it felt my energy was running high, excited for my first 5k run for my first RunRio running event. Any runner must know Coach Rio De La Cruz, the man behind RunRio - one of the best organizers of running events here in the Philippines and the discoverer of ChampionChips where a high-tech timing system is used for fastest race results, 3D race maps, live video coverage and much more innovations.
Coach Rio

Runrio always set the place to MOA so I went to the seaside and saw the rosy crowd with vivacious aura while stretching and chatting with their friends. Speaking of friend, Shiela was still on the road when I arrived and waited for 30 minutes and observed how organize Runrio is.

Since it was all about gender, 5k girl runners were assembled earlier than the boys with a gap of 5 minutes and the gun start for us girls happened at 5:45. The girls beside me were aggressive and flee from the starting line right away while I was busy assembling my phone timer for documentation purposes and as expected, Shiela is all ready 200 m away from me.

The first 2 km is easier than I expected, maybe it is because of my incessant runs during weekdays with the fear to be in the runners bottom list. Running for 5 km competition has been crawling to my head for days and the thought crippled me off for if I felt weak with my 3 km run, how much more can I have with the 5 km? Downloaded Runtastic Pedometer to my phone, I was able to measure the distance and the time of my practice.

I sensed some relief after seeing the 3 point something km signage because of the deeper inhales I am having but I avoid getting hydrated with the water station because I kind of feel pained in my tummy area with too much liquid intake when running. Moreover, a frustration I had when each stride and run I had, I can still not see the finish line because I forgot my face towel to my bag, I just want to get it. How funny is that?

The final result of my hardship bear fruit with a big difference to my practice! I'm so glad that I made an improvement. Below is the official result of my run (41 mins) and Shiela's run (39 mins). Out of 1,088 5k boys & girls runners we were ranked 320 and 359. I'm so happy! The winner for 5 km run is a male - Mr. Jackson Chirchir (19 mins and 33 sec - gun time) while the winner for 10 km run is a female - Ms. Joan Aiyabei (34 mins and 22 sec - gun time). There is nothing more amazing to them! Congratulations!
from RunRio's website

What's free?

1. Gatorade
2. Banana from Dole
3. Rexona
4. Water
5. Aloe Derma Shampoo sample
6. Nizoral cream
7. Calchew's food supplement
8. Darlington socks and pouch

We just wished to get called to the raffle winner for Sofitel accommodation or atleast a Spiral buffet but it was not bestowed upon us. Anyway, we just take a pic of this bubbly Bobby Banana!
Bobby Banana
And I got inspired by handsome Coach Rio's hairstyle. See you, soon!


  1. I've been wanting to join fun run events but I'm afraid I won't even go farther than 2k haha!

  2. congratulations for finishing your 5K run. My first time to try the 5K distance was at RU1 in MOA. I was with a co-blogger and we didn't noticed that we finished the race because we enjoyed it so much.

  3. whoah!! i hope we could cross our paths sis levy! natuwa lang talaga ako sa aking achievement :) hihi. thank God.

  4. cool! my friend joined this and it looked fun! my first 10k run naman will be at Ru3! :D weee!!

    1. wow!! you are so amazing sis. getting married na pero super fab pa din sa pag alaga ng katawan :)

  5. 41 minutes for a first timer, not bad! great improvement and congrats.

  6. it is good to know that you are doing this fitness stuff. i will support you all the way!

  7. Congrats on your run. Too bad, I wasn't able to see you during the race.

  8. Wow Congrats for your first 5k run! I remember, mine was just 3k and I was exhausted to death when I came home. Need to work out more para masanay :D

    1. true! kapagod talaga ang mga simula eh hihi. beginning is always the hardest.