Friday, October 18, 2013

The Food Tower of La Mesa Grill

Two restaurant managers, one hotel butler, one chef, one management trainer & one management trainee from Singapore, one business development officer, one sales associate, and never mind mine - they are the friends I had been with every time we watched basketball game at MOA Arena rooting for UST Growling Tigers which is our dear Alma Mater. 

After screaming from every shot that seemed impossible to shoot, and after shouting to the begrudging calls of the referees, we couldn't search any to keep our mouth shut unless there’s an obstruction that could occur to our mouth… food!

After we had watched the basketball game, it wasn't new that we ran out of restaurants to eat so it always felt like we were running for our lives to fill our tummy. One of our friends that worked from Singapore suggested satisfying our tummies at a Filipino restaurant, La Mesa Grill, realizing she missed Filipino food that much.

Head count, and we’re nine. They decided to order Package 4-B which is what they called the Food Tower (1 Kare-Kare Beef, 1 Lamesa Combo, 1 Bicol Express, 2 Tinapa Roll, 8 Plain Rice, 2 Sinigang na Salmon Head) for P2,000.00 good for 7-8persons with drinks all ready included.

Sinigang na Salmon Head is a soup based on tamarind that gives a sour broth. The hot soup was enough to ease the rainy weather we had from the outside and to go further with our main dishes.

Kare-Kare beef is a Filipino stew with vegetables like eggplant, green beans, cabbages and etc. with the thick appetizing peanut sauce. Kare-kare’s flavor is accented with bagoong, a fermented fish and shrimp paste.

Bicol Express is a stew of pork slices that is known to be very spicy because of the long chilies, and savored with coconut milk. (no picture)

Tinapa Roll. Tinapa is a smoked fish mostly made from milkfish and imagine that this is inside the crunchy rolled lumpia wrappers, we were almost satiated.

Lamesa Combo is composed of mussels, prawns, squids, Blue Marlin belly, chicken leg quarter, Pork Lengua, and Pork BBQ done in a grilled way.

We ordered Seafood Combo and three rice because we had three boys around us, you know just to assure.  Seafood combo is composed of mussels, Blue Marlin belly, prawns, squid, Bangus belly for P485.00 was served to our long table.

What’s good with the restaurant is that albeit they have beautiful interiors, an amusing venue, an amiable service like that of fine-dining restaurant feel, I have noticed that they do not have service charge! Maybe there sister company, Mesa, has one. It is another restaurant to check it out!

Whether what job titles the diners may hold, surely everyone’s in full tank. Burp! Excuse me! 


  1. We've already tried this restaurant during my sister-in-law's graduation. The place is really good and their food is really delicious. The only part that we hated so much was that their rice is not unlimited, hahaha! Other than that Lamesa Grill is a good place to dine.

  2. oh ! this is cool food tower! will try next time we dine there

  3. I can eat everything you posted here except for the Salmon Sinigang. I am just not into the taste of Salmon.But the other food look delish! I wanna try them out.

    1. hahaha! You and my friend have something in common.

  4. I'm definitely intrigued by those tinapa rolls, I wanna try them already!

  5. Suddenly craving for tahong after reading your post! :)

  6. Nothing I can say much. I think after seeing this post, I'd let my stomach do its craving. LOL! And a 2k combo for 9 people? Say, not a bad price, considering watching a basketball game can be tiring sometimes (especially if first, it is your school whose competing with; and second, it is the championship stage).