Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Are Those Oxford Shoes or Not?

Oxford shoes are a type of men's laced leather shoes that have a relatively low instep and a non-rubber sole. It originated in Scotland and Ireland, but with the evolution of fashion, Oxford shoes has become more than a staple pair for men; even women wear it!

There are many kinds of dress shoes for guys. Here's a short list:

1. Oxford. Oxford shoes are considered as the most formal shoes that a man can wear; traditional ones use genuine leather. Oxford is stitched at the bottom which is referred to as "closed lacing."

2. Blucher. Many are often confused between Oxfords and Bluchers, because their difference is only determined by how the laces are done. Blucher is open-laced.

3. Brogue. Brogue has sturdy leather uppers, but with decorative perforations and serration. This is because it originated in Scotland and Ireland where the shoes bring convenience especially when treading a soft and wet terrain wherein water can be drained through the perforations.

4. Wingtip. Wingtip is a variation of an oxford where the toe cap style is shaped like the letter "W" which also looks like a bird with extended wings. A shoe with the same design minus the perforations is also called a wingtip. 

5. Cap toes. This is a decorated oxford wherein an additional layer or band of leather is placed over the toe.

New trends can be puzzling sometimes, especially when the basics are modified or combined with other styles. I hope this post will somehow help guide you on what kind of shoes you want when you're buying either from online stores just like Zalora (they offer cash on delivery) or at the mall if you're more fond of walking than clicking.


Written by: Jam Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera
Photos: As stated above


  1. Oh, very nice!! This is a very informative post about Oxford shoes. Yes, I agree. Even women nowadays wear this. Oh how fashion evolves!

  2. I like oxford wingtips but with heels because I'm short and want to always look taller. :) Brown or black is good.

  3. i leave the men's shoe details to my husband and 2 sons, i will let them read this post and surely they will be having a long discussion for they know a lot about shoes and brands hehe

  4. That was really interesting to know, before reading this I would probably be confused about it too.


  5. I honestly do not know the names of the shoes but they all look pretty. Anyway, thank you for sharing this at least I already have knowledge on the kinds of shoes if I see them.

  6. So they're called Oxford shoes! :) I'm not a dude but when I help my hubby shop for shoes that's the one I like the most.

  7. I really love this post - it's so nice that you've explained something about the design of a shoe rather than just saying you bought some shoes. I think it's good to know as shoppers about the trends, the designs and origins of the shoe etc etc. a bit like knowing about a band rather than just the songs!

  8. Nice! I'm not exactly the type of person who is very particular in these kinds of things, but with this type of post you made it very easy. Thanks for sharing! :D

  9. Oxford shoes look formal. Men wearing this type of shoes are dressed in coat and tie for they're fitted to formal occasion and gathering.

  10. This looks like the perfect shoes for office and they also have nice designs.

  11. I love these on women! They do look so fashionable and add instant elegance to a look

  12. This type of shoes never get out of fashion. Thanks for this info. I finally got to know the difference.

  13. I totally wish that my husband will wear some good looking shoes like this. Also, this kind of shoes already has a non-leather version, right?

  14. I love oxford shoes! I did not know that it has many types :) and yes, women are wearing oxfords now, in fact I have 3 pairs! hahaha

  15. Thanks to this post, now i know what oxford shoes are!

  16. I also got so confused with brogues and oxfords, good thing you came up with this article