Friday, November 22, 2013

Café Shibuya is not so Japanese

Café Shibuya brings us no ordinary toast bread and fusion dishes from Japan. Shibuya is known as the shopping district and favorite nightspot in Japan. With that in mind, the owner and part owners came up with the idea to put up a restaurant representing the places they’ve been to.

There are two sections for the toast: savory toast and dessert toast. Let’s start off with the savory toast

Savory Toast
Shibuya Benedict (P255.00)
Most cafés that have Eggs Benedict on their menu use English muffin. However, this one uses chunky toast bread, a poached egg, and a thick ham. The usual Hollandaise sauce is replaced with their homemade Japanese mayo cream sauce. The dish is okay – but I would have preferred more salt on it to highlight the taste.

Tonkatsu with Mango Mayo (P235.00)
My mother is a fan of Tonkatsu which explains why there's always Tonkatsu lying somewhere in our fridge. This also means that I'm quite reluctant to try the dish elsewhere. However, tasting their Tonkatsu paired with their toast bread and mango mayo inspired me to whip up something similar at home. Of course, I cannot create the same delicious toast from Café Shibuya, but at least I know I can use a different dressing other than tartare cream, Japanese soy sauce and sour cream. This food is worth a try.. My fellow food bloggers and I all liked it.


Truffle Cream with Prosciutto (P265.00)
This pasta is flavored by a heavy cream and truffle oil that makes it very tasty and dense. I personally like creamy pasta, so I instantly liked the sauce. I barely tasted the prosciutto, but it doesn’t really matter since the highlight is the truffle cream.

Mentaiko Pasta (P265.00)
Filipinos may not be quite familiar with Mentaiko since our cuisine leans more on our Spanish roots. For those who don't know, Mentaiko is another name for cod roe that has a pinkish color. This Italian-Japanese dish is cooked with olive oil and garnished with nori (roasted seaweed)

Other savories
Croquettes (P175.00)
This dish comes with six pieces of medium-sized croquettes. The relatively huge size made us seemingly full. These croquettes are made with a mashed potato and ground beef mixture. These are great to munch on in between having their dessert toasts to balance out the sweetness.

If chefs are made, and not born, I would say that being a foodie is inborn. Binging may be contagious but there will always room for dessert. Kindly wait for my next post!

Cafe Shibuya

Ground Level, UP Town Center (Ayala)
Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


  1. We haven't been to UP Town Center before, but if we happen to drop by this place, then I'll suggest this restaurant to hubby. He loves Tonkatsu, too!

  2. I have not been to UP Town Center waaaaaaah! I can't believe I am missing out on great food. I have to go there next!

    1. yes! UP Town Center is housed with new restaurants!

  3. Oh wow that looks absolutely delicious, it's a shame though that ATC is too far from where I live. :(

    1. waah. maybe you were thinking of atc while reading this or maybe because they both have town center words. :( it's in UP town center. :)

  4. Those don't look like Japanese indeed. Although.. the food looked delicious. Hope I remember this place after class tomorrow. :D

    xx Daphne of

  5. this is so mouth watering. It is definitely a must try cuisine! Hope I can visit that place someday <3 Please do follow and click "Join My Site" on my blog


  6. I've been hearing about Cafe Shibuya several time already but I haven't actually tried it yet. Bettr go soon! :D

  7. this resto is new to me, will definitely try everything here!