Monday, December 30, 2013

Round Fruits for New Year

1. Watermelon – P43.32

2. Melon

3. Dragonfruit – P78.55

4. Dalandan

5. Ponkan

6. Mangosteen – P79.00

7. Chico – P10.66

8. Guava

9. Golden Honeydew – P111.60

10. Buko (peeled) – P30.00

11. Grapes – P49.00

12. Tiny Ponkan – P28.70

These two are quite unsure for circle-circle qualifications. Nevertheless, they are still delicious so here you go!


 Welcome 2014! By the way, here are our fruits from last year. I learned that pineapple must not be included because of its sharp texture. Whether preparing circular fruits is true or not, it has been in our tradition since then. So, let's just go with the flow!

1 comment:

  1. We have the same exceot for Mangosteen, Honey Dew and Dragon fruit! Dalandan - Calamansi samin! Haha