Thursday, December 19, 2013

Six Things I Realized This 2013

Seeing someone younger can sometimes make us feel that we are somehow more superior and mature than they are. Teenagers often think that yuppies are cool, but the truth is, growing up means having a sense of responsibility and direction which isn't always cool.

Stepping into the professional world can bring us discomfort. This is often caused by suppressed painful experiences, uncertainties about the roads we wish to take, passion, and trust issues with the people around us. No matter what we call these worries that we have, they all mean one thing - we are struggling.

I'm not yet an old woman, but I came across this realization since I'm in a point where I am finding myself, thinking about who I am, and who I have become. People say that those in their twenties are in for a roller-coaster ride where anxieties linger in between every aspect of their lives.

Aside from this, I also become conscious of some things. For now, these are just some of the things I have reflected on:

  • People do not live for their own good, but for a reason. If there is no reason for living, then their lives have no worth. There is nothing that a person would want to achieve if there is no reason or motivation behind it.
  • There would be no sense of victory when one has never declared a fight or joined a battle in the first place. A person would not get anything if he or she never dreamed of chasing for something.
  • I also came to realize that people should learn to take action, and not just spend their time thinking or regretting. Wallowing in negativity is toxic, but the only logical way around any problem is to do something about it. It is impossible to relive the past and undo the wrong decisions we think we might have done. On the other hand, we can always take advantage of the present by doing something to make things better.
  • Next, people should believe in the power of decision-making. As they say, the future isn't set in stone. People can change their future with the decisions they make.
  • It is also important to be honest and truthful, because this is how trust is measured. This is not east because there are plenty of temptations and other factors that could get in the way. Nevertheless, having a sense of integrity would set people free from guilt, and make them reliable.
  • Lastly, although it is disheartening, there is some truth in the idea that one would not receive love if he or she does not offer any.
These may be quite a handful to take in, but it's good to be aware of some of them. These reflections helped me see that there is so much to consider when you grow up, try to become a better person, and reach for your dreams.

I know there would be more obstacles in our lives which will make us doubt ourselves, let go of the things we fight for, and even make us selfish at times. When we get so overwhelmed with the troubles we face, there are instances where we would rather choose to run away instead of face them. I guess, sometimes, forgetting our problems can make us stronger.

The challenging experiences we have had and are about to have can and will make us realize many things. These realizations could help us be the best person we could ever be. If there comes a time when we feel like giving up, it is always important to remember the reasons behind our every move or endeavor. This will surely help us fire up our passion again, and inspire us to continue working for what we aspire.

Yes, it is hard trying to figure out how close we are to reaching our dreams, but we should always keep in mind that tough times are fleeting. So, while we're at it, let's dance with the rain. Let's not just sit and watch.

Written by: Jam Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera
Photos: Jam Daquio


  1. I just need all these words written here. I really don't know how to start my 2014. I just to have my first ever job, save, but still enjoying. Thank you for reminding me to keep on moving! :)

  2. Challenges in any form are a part of everyone's way of living. Be easy, hard or even beyond one's capacity to bear... nevertheless the concern has to struggle to survive. The fittest will survive, so to speak.

  3. With the statement "If there is no reason for living, then their lives have no worth," I suddenly remembered the line in one commercial "Para kanino ka nagigising?" Nescafe yata iyon and it is really striking. Mapapaisip ka. My answer would always be my family.

  4. I guess the young professional stage is when we realize that life is not handed out to us. If we want something we have to earn it and work hard for it.

  5. believe in the power of decision making indeed! which i need to practise haha i am not really good in decision making i am always confuse with all the things that's happening to me. but i guess being a mother wife and a sister and daughter in 20's really gives me those tough times.

  6. I also don't have any idea what's await me in 2014 but the year 2013 I realized, if you are just patience you can reach your dreams and realized it

  7. It is good that you have these realizations now in that early stage in life. At least you have some idea on which direction you're going to take.

    Happy New Year to you!

  8. Congratulations! Not many your age would find enlightenment as such...some tend to live happy-go-lucky lives and end up not happy at all. Happy for how you view life...yes, let's dance in the rain! Afterwards, just be amazed at the rainbow. :)

  9. I guess, realization is the most important thing in this world. Happy New Year!