Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Characteristics of a True Leader

I opened my Facebook account and saw a status posted by my college friend which caught my attention. It was about leadership, and that’s what this blog is about.

What makes a genuine leader? It's not the bulk of sales an establishment earns, nor how an establishment appears to be to its guests but true leadership starts within and among the people you manage.
-Caren Maxine Bernabe

The status of my friend simply implies that true leadership is not how smart or skillful you are in your field but in the way you deal with people. If I would compare the word leadership to an object or an animal, I would choose the eagle. Nothing can beat the eagle.

Eagles are:

1. Humble - Eagles can fly high up to 10,000 feet and up to 30 miles per hour. They are able to fly much higher than other birds, because of their strength and wing span. However, they are still able to land on the ground despite their capability to reach such great heights. Same with true leaders, whether they are skillful or excellent they still have their feet planted on the ground. True leaders can communicate with different types of people no matter what level they belong to. In doing so, a leader does not need to impose respect, because he or she has already earned other people’s respect.

2. Determined – Other birds would refuse to fly when they feel that a storm is coming, but the eagle is stubborn. Eagles would choose to fly across the sky even when there’s a storm. They make use of the heavy wind to lift them up in the sky. Same with true leaders, they use the storms or challenges that they have experienced as a motivation to become better which is quite inspiring to say the least.

3. Good Vision - Eagles have keen eyesight that allows them to spot their prey or if another eagle is in flight. Eagle have larger pupil that makes them to get its prey without getting noticed. Leaders must have a good vision to the event that will happen or to the people that he handles. Leaders must look into the future and should focus in order for them to get their goal.
Like many birds, the Philippine eagle often twists its head to change its visual perspective,
gaining a better sense of a viewed object’s size and distance. 

4. Brave - an eagle is brave despite the size of an enemy or predator (like a snake trying to eat an eagle’s eggs, perhaps?). Just like a leader, an eagle would not mind how small or big a problem is, it would do what it takes to win from the enemy or protect itself from it.

5. Eagles do not eat dead things - Eagles hunt their prey, kill it, and eat it. Eagles are not scavengers. In the same way, leaders do not steal. They do not take credit for every success that comes their way, but they give credit to the team who has helped them. Besides, true leaders do their job and not just know how it is done.

6. Caring – A mother eagle protects her eaglets while father eagle is away. When the right time comes, they are going to teach their eaglets how to fly, which would force the little ones to leave their comfort zone. Eaglets would be thrown from a cliff and they would obviously feel afraid, but father eagle will eventually catch them. Leaders need to train their people. Their subordinates might view such training as a harsh and tedious experience, but it is the only way for them to learn. (video)

7. Enduring - Eagles would feel the need to take a breather after some time due to their worn out feathers and old age, but retiring is not in their vocabulary. In fact, they go back to the mountains to renew themselves. After a few months, they are back on track. Just like the true leaders, they do not give up and undergo continuous training.

Do you have these traits? Well, your thoughts are probably in the same page as mine.

Written by: Janine Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera


    Wishing you all the best this year 2014! More blessings and opportunities to come! :)

  2. These are good tips! Though I do have these traits, sometimes I just think that I'm more of a follower than a leader :P Nonetheless, great post!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Eagles are so majestic, especially when they fly. This post reminds me of school, we were very much into eagles at Ateneo, haha.

  4. Super agree with this article, especially with the caring part. Not all leaders understand the importance of being concerned to his or her subordinates.

  5. Ah, if only the politicians of today possess even half of the qualities of the mighty eagle... ;)

  6. Happy new year! These are great qualities of a leader. I wish I can say that I have all those you have mentioned above.