Thursday, January 2, 2014

Keys to Success

I wonder about what most people want, and I thought that it is probably to become successful. I have considered several other options, but I’m most confident in saying that most people want to achieve success.

Success, for me, is not measured by a person’s educational attainment. It is all about reaching one’s goals and dreams in life. For instance, what could one do with all the knowledge one knows if one will not be brave enough to take any step in order to fulfill his or her dreams? It would be useless, and life would remain stagnant.

To experience success, one must be clear with his or her goals as well as the path one would take in order to achieve them. Perseverance is important no matter how difficult it is to traverse the road to one’s dreams. Besides, bad things happen for a reason and that reason is for a person to be stronger. It helps if one has an optimistic attitude.

Meanwhile, those individuals who always think of failures and other negativity attract exactly what they are thinking about. They focus too much on their failures that they end up failing more.

What kind of attitude do you think successful people have? They are hard working. Success smiles upon hardworking people. Many businessmen who started with nothing but pure hard work and determination are now rich. Moreover, one must also have integrity. In fact, it is probably the most important train one must have. Integrity coupled with knowledge and desire brings success. Lack of integrity will bring a person down and destroy his or her chance to achieve greater things. Last, but definitely not the least, one must remember the importance of having faith in God. A person should always keep God at the center of his or her life and ask for God’s guidance and protection.

Remember, success is nothing if we do not share it with others. After all, giving is a good deed, and the more a person gives, the more he or she will feel fulfilled.

(Taken from my Reflection Paper last
March 3, 2006. HCA: IV-Responsible)

Written by: Janine Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera


  1. Studying what makes people successful first before applying it to yourself is a sure way to become successful. Here's to a fruitful 2014 for you!

  2. I so agree on you on this. This is how I do it :)

  3. I really need this cos im a nega person. Aw thanks for this!

  4. Do your best and God will do the rest :-) Great article and all the best.

  5. I like how this article is brief and straight to the point. Let's all be successful this 2014!

  6. Thanks for sharing the article. Success comes to those who seek it. Even though you have all the resources in the world but you just let it lay there, nothing will happen.

  7. Success in life comes in different forms and degrees for those people who value its real meaning. For some, it's a success, but for some people it's not. The level of success is measured by the person itself, but you must have a thorough knowledge or have a complete education for any endeavor you want in life. It helps the very core of your success when a person thinks that you're fully satisfied with your life or what you want more in life.

    1. Oh yeah, I totally agree. Success depends to the perception of the person. Your success may not be a success to others.

  8. as the saying goes - no pain no gain, no guts no glory. Sipag at tyaga para umunlad :)

  9. Of course everyone wants success and I don't know any people who do not want to reach their goals. You're right, being successful is nothing without sharing it with others especially those who helped you to climb the ladder.

  10. Success comes to those who try the hardest and to those who don't give up.

  11. Success comes to those who try and seek it. I believe that we all can be successful but we need to work hard for it. With the right time, situation and faith from God, we all can be successful in no time