Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Christmas in Davao

Twelve days ago, my mom, dad, and I spent a busy Christmas with our extended family in Davao. The event took a toll on our schedule, but it was okay. More schedule interruptions mean that there are more things happening. That’s much better than having a life without any disturbances, right?

Anyway, Davao is my mother’s birthplace. It has been two years since I last went there. I am not really fond of going to provinces, because I’m a city girl. However, Manila’s toxic life encouraged me to pay Davao and our relatives a visit. I felt that I needed a break. (Ahem… I don’t even have a boss!)

I took a Cebu Pacific plane last December 24 while my mom, dad, uncle, and cousin hopped on a 2GO ship from Manila to Cagayan de Oro. They then took a bus from Cagayan de Oro to Davao City since it’s more economical. My parents treated my uncle and cousin by giving them a free trip, especially since Uncle Florencio hadn’t gone to Davao for 20 years already.

They left Manila on December 22 and arrived in Davao on December 24 at around 5:00 PM, it took them quite a while to arrive at their destination because there were just many delays caused by 2GO.

Well, I don't want to rant about 2GO's service, so I'll just write about the good things that happened last Christmas. As I was saying, we all arrived in Davao on the 24th of December, but the place showed no sign of the hectic vibe that I normally experience if I were in Manila in the same day. In fact, when my DavaoeƱa cousin and I went to the grocery, shoppers there were not in a violent rush. Life is really much easier there. Our last minute shopping was a piece of cake!

We ate our dinner at around 8 PM, and a pig's head warmly welcomed me. We never had lechon in Manila. because ordering one during the holiday season is next to impossible and it's also quite pricey for us. 

In Davao, the pork is free because our relatives own a piggery. Cool!

As I was busy minding the food, the kids and young adults were busy watching Wizard of Oz and the elders were busy chitchatting. The men in the house were busy drinking alcohol. I did not take pictures of the other people who were present since I do not know some of them.

12 midnight - Merry Christmas! These are what they have prepared. It's a White Christmas, baby!
Buko Salad, Macaroni Salad & Carbonara
It felt so good to wake up that morning and do some stretches especially if this view greets you a good morning. Looking at the greenery and breathing fresh air sent chills to my skin.

It was too early for videoke, but no one seemed to mind since it's already churning out tunes. Meanwhile, my mother reunited with her siblings - they were all complete. Ang saya-saya!

I missed the place so much, even their dog, Chicky!

Written by: Jam Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera
Photos: Jam Daquio


  1. glad you had enjoyed the holidays with your big happy family :D

  2. sounds like a dream Christmas. I have never spent Christmas in our province wondering what it is like. :)

    1. I just wanted to experience something different. Saya naman!

  3. I always feel tired so I don't have any energy left on Christmas Eve. I spent it early in bed so I can wake up early on Christmas Day.


  4. Glad to know you enjoyed your holidays with your family. Time spent with the family is time well-spent. :)

  5. Traveling during the holidays is really stressful. But I am glad you enjoyed the Christmas Break.

    If you have such big family, it is nice to cook food! :)

    1. It is my first time to be away from our home that Christmas. And my first time to see a busy scene of airport. December 24!!! Oh man.

  6. Good to know that you enjoyed it Jam! And the "White Christmas" happens to my family too :p