Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Secret of Bounty Fresh Chicken

“At BFFI, we believe that constant innovation is critical to the success of our company,” says Carl Chung, Bounty Fresh Food, Inc.’s AVP for Farm Operations Management.

With that revolution, the modern processing capabilities has come to notice as “Asia’s best chicken” with world class products including fresh chicken, Chooks-to-Go, and processed meats were the Filipino consumers have served to the family’s hapag kainan.

The strict program quality control and latest technologies in agricultural production are the Bounty Fresh Chicken’s steps for achieving the excellence of the products that people have embraced over the years. In addition, the farms, hatcheries, and facilities are securely well-maintained.

Their state-of-the-art corn driers and feed mills are some of their advanced operations for preserving all natural feeds that is very fundamental for the health of the chickens. Moreover, they also have skilled agricultural technicians to monitor the environment for chicken growth and health egg production.

The eggs are free from dirt, and the birds have proper places to produce eggs which are uniform in size and weight. BFFI uses automated feeding and they also have egg collection systems to allow the eggs to rest before delivery to the hatcheries. In addition, single stage hatchery incubation systems is designed to group eggs of similar sizes and source so they can all be incubated.

Once hatched, the chicks are pulled from the hatcheries then brought to BFFI’s tunnel-ventilated broiler farms so they could grow consistently in terms of size and weight. These farms are always clean and bio-secure using a tested disinfection system. Could you believe that farm personnel are required to take showers before entering the houses?

The outcome? Bounty Fresh Chicken produces the freshest, safest, and healthiest chickens—and the best, most delicious meals!

Stringent bio-security measures method ensures that the chickens are free from disease. They are vacuum-sealed to keep the natural flavors and juices and by this process, it prolongs the refrigerated shelf life.

These award-winning plants—conferred by the National Meat Inspection Service as among the country’s best and cleanest and stamped with consistent Triple A (expert quality) ratings—enable BFFI to establish Bounty Fresh as the brand made by the experts in chicken.

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  1. I love Bounty Fresh, especially the skinless chicken breast fillet. :)

  2. I agree with this because I have eaten Bounty Fresh Chicken and they are very clean and tasty too. It's one of my favorite chickens :D

  3. My brother also gets bounty fresh every time we have chicken for dinner. I especially loved his roasted chicken..hehe

  4. I only buy Bounty Fresh for my chicken. The meat is juicy and tender.


  5. Sounds so delicious! I didn't know there were so many varieties :)

  6. Will buy this brand on our next grocery shopping. Thanks for sharing!