Friday, February 14, 2014

The Heart and Mind

There is something that I want to share about me—the way I think, choose, and feel. I am used to relying on my head every time I need to make a decision about anything. For the most part, my best friend is marveled with how I am able to balance my heart and my mind, because I don’t let my emotions get the best of me. My insight is that when I choose what my mind says, I would end up with a logical choice. I always try to justify that the heart only deals with how I am currently feeling whereas the mind knows what is right. It is true, I’ve seen people that were carried away with their emotions and ended up making the wrong decision. However, some of them felt no regrets because they learned from their mistakes.

Yet as time passes by and I get older, I am no longer as hell-bent as I used to be when it comes to following my mind more than my heart. There are moments when I think that there is something that my heart makes me realize which my mind can’t. From there, I came to understand that I shouldn’t always base my choices on what my mind tells me. As I live, there are more people that I will get to know and mingle with. I also realized that when a person becomes very important in our life, that is when we choose to follow our heart. I have learned that using the mind is only beneficial when you think of yourself while the heart is good to use when you think of others.

Before, I thought that people do well because they are brainy, but I was wrong. People who have reached the top also knew how to follow their heart. Apart from their intelligence, their heart and passion are the tools that they used to reach success. They used their mind and emotions the right way. I also became aware that emotions guide us in realizing our purpose in this life. Therefore, the heart and the mind are given to us both by God. These two are inseparable.

Written by: Janine Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera


  1. Matalinhaga ang mga opinyon at pananaw mo.Para sa akin ang puso at isip ay di dapat magkahiwalay. Maari naman itong pagsamahin para sa ikatatagumpay ng anumang naisin mo. Kung maari patas lang ngunit mahirap din sila pagsabayin.

  2. Utak at emosyon,laging magkatalo pero kayang kaya yan basta magtiwala ka sa itaas at sa mga mahal mo sa buhay...

  3. Iba talaga kapag utak at puso ang nagtalo, mahirap paglabanin.

  4. its a 5050 decision dear. u have to know what you really need in order to win one of them .xx

  5. May mga bagay na kayag ang utak lang ang gamitin, subalit lahat ng bagay o dsisyon na gagawin mo sa iyong buhay, mahalaga na laging kasama ang puso.

  6. I think even if it's less accurate compared to the mind, it's the heart that dictates our happiness.

  7. Balancing your heart and mind can be difficult for some matters in life, but as a human being, our environment, intelligence, experiences and personalities plays a vital role in molding us as a different person. Thus, don't fret for your decision before, but instead find the positive aspects of correcting your mistakes. If you've done something different in the past, the, enjoy life according to your heart and mind. But a balance one.

    1. Yes, no regrets with the decisions that had happened.

  8. It's best to follow both the heart and the mind and then ask your close and trusted friends or family members for their opinions as well so you are sure that your decision would be most logical and rational.