Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tourist Spots Suggestions in Metro Manila

You're a Manileño who is well-traveled or at least have traveled to different places in Visayas, Mindanao, some places in Luzon, and maybe even to other countries. Unfortunately (and shamefully), you have never tried visiting the tourist spots in and near the Philippines’ capital. This summer, make sure you make the time to tc check out the must-visit places of this bustling city and be charmed by the history and culture of Manila! Of course, foreign tourists can use the short list below as a guide, too!

1.       Fort Santiago. It is one of the historical sites in Manila. During the Spanish colonization, it became the fort for trade between the Americans and Europeans. It was renovated after the earthquake in Luzon in 1880.

Admission: Adult – P65.00
                      Children – P50.00

2.       Manila Ocean Park. It is an oceanarium integrated with an urban resort and marine life attractions.

Admission:  Ranging from P550.00 to P900.00. Click here for details.

3.       Villa Escudero. Care to enjoy a dance performance and a hearty buffet lunch while you dip your feet in the flowing water of Labasin Falls? Head on over at Villa Escudero. It is located in San Pablo, Laguna which is two hours away from Manila. Villa Escudero used to be a coconut plantation but tourist attractions have now been added to the place.

Admission: P 1,400.00

4.       Tagaytay. For only one hour and 15 minutes away from Manila, you can marvel at the scenic view of Taal Lake and enjot the cool breeze in Tagaytay, Cavite. There are roster of restaurants in Tagaytay but Antonio’s Tagaytay and Sonya’s Garden are on places you wouldn't want to miss. The Bee farm of Ilog Maria should be on your list of must-visit places, too!
Admission: Depends to the place you would love to hang out

5.       La Mesa Eco Park. Located in Quezon City, the La Mesa Eco Park is where you can find the La Mesa Dam where most of the water supply in Manila comes from. They have added picnic areas and other fun activities to entertain visitors. 

Admission: Free to P 50.00.


  1. seems like these are some really nice tourist spot to spend our vacations,thanks for the share.

  2. I like La Mesa Eco Park and Tagaytay among your list. Villa Escudero is so expensive :D

  3. Your recommendation's very awesome and good. People who like to have their vacation this summer can plan ahead.

  4. I'm 5/5 here and I love all the attractions here.

  5. Haven't been to La Mesa park and Villa Escudero. It's funny that I live only 20 minutes away from La Mesa park and until now haven't been there when almost all of my cousins who live outside the Metro have been there na.

    1. oh you should.. and I realized while doing a lot of filipino movie marathon, there were a lot of shoots happened in Eco Park. hehe. and commercials too.

  6. I haven't been to these places and by the time I go to Manila. I would love to visit it. :)

  7. i really would love to go to La Mesa Eco Park, we've been planning to go there since i was pregnant with my little man, hopefully we can go there this summer. It is the only thing on the list we've not been to, as we will be visiting Fort Santiago this April!

  8. From your list the only place that I haven't visited yet is the Villa Escudero. We just pass by this area whenever we go to Quezon, but unfortunately we don't have the chance to stop and enter. Maybe next time.