Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Human Nature’s All Natural Spray Sanitizer

Did you know that triclosan is an ingredient found in antimicrobial hand soaps and sanitizers to slow or stop the growth of bacteria and fungi? The use of triclosan is still under review by the FDA for its health safety. Meanwhile, a study assessment back in 2008 which focused on children and adults has found nearly 75% of triclosan in their urine. It just means that we can absorb small amounts of triclosan through our skin.

Would you still want to have such a substance inside your body? I bet not! So, this All Natural Spray Sanitizer from Human Nature is 100% free of harmful chemicals. Don’t forget to carry around a bottle or two of this nature’s potent cleansing ingredients. It comes in Cool Burst, Citrus Burst, and Tropical Burst variants.
from Human Nature photos

Ingredients: ethyl alcohol (sugarcane-derived), aqua (water),Mentha piperita (peppermint) essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) essential oil, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice
*based from Cool Burst

200 ml - P189.75
50 ml - P59.75

This comes in a spray bottle that is very convenient to use. I chose the 50ml bottle, so I could easily put it in my bag’s pocket! Cool Burst is minty and it smells like Mentos at first. However, when fully spread to a room, it smells like a drinking alcohol. Tropical Burst, on the other hand, smells really good. It smells like summer, but both has a weird texture when applied on the skin. 

Will I recommend it? Yes and No. Yes, because it is all natural and it smells more like a cologne than a sanitizer. No, because I have this feeling that my hands would feel much cleaner if I use a regular sanitizer.

Written by: Jam Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera
Photo: Human Nature


  1. I like this one, check ko nga later pag daan ko sa Landmark. Pede din kasi para sa anak ko, hilig kasi humawak saan saan.

    1. yeah.. spray sanitizer din kaya mas pwede sa kids. :)

  2. I'm currently using a moisturizing alcohol as my sanitizer; but I've always trusted Human Nature so might as well give this a try. Thanks for sharing! ;)


  3. I like Human Nature Products, they are organic and at the same time affordable plus they are in Landmark. haha

  4. yeah.. but some of the products are not in Landmark...

  5. I like Human Nature. They're not too expensive and as they said, they're organic. I've been using their pressed powder for quite some time now and I really like it. As for this product, I'm definitely intrigued. :)

  6. Tomorrow i'll check it out in Beauty Bar. Also, I'm looking for a product for men. This can be used by anyone, right?

  7. I think this is a good sanitizer because of being really handy.

  8. nice one. i had some product before from human nature when i was in Philippines. The product looks nice though i prefer using wetwipes to clean my hands hehe I dont like sticky things like hand sanitizers or even lip balm hehe

  9. Seems like a good sanitizer though I never used them.

  10. This looks like a nice product. I will look it up. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for sharing info about triclosan. Will consider using this brand...

  12. I never tried spray, but this seems a good hand sanitizer.