Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Charcoal Sandals from Argentina at Landmark, TriNoma

I accidentally wrecked my mom’s sandals while I was in Boracay, but I was lucky since I also brought wedge Havaianas slip-ons with me. Walking in heels gave me poise, yet it simply made me feel uncomfortable during long walks or whenever I would be in my adventurous mode. 

I intently looked around the mall to replace what I've destroyed and I found Charcoal. The brand has a variety of flip flops styles and sandals with rubber soles.

Taking advantage of the sale, I got a pair for only Php 399.00! My mom is not a fan of thong sandals, so I bought her these single-strap sandals instead. The black part of the sole material is leatherette, but the rest of the sandals are made of rubber.

Charcoal sandals are very light and it can also be worn in two ways.

It can be worn in two ways, because the straps are adjustable.

Because I loved it, I asked my mom if I can wear it first for my Puerto Galera trip before it can be hers (we share the same shoe size) and she approved. It was hefty but not too pricey. I am definitely going to buy one for myself.

Written by: Jam Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera
Photos: Jam Daquio


  1. Wow, I like this :) Ang mura and parang bumile ako ng 2 sandals. Makavisit nga sa Trinoma, need to buy a new pair of sandals na din kasi. Thanks!

  2. Uy, I want one too! This is okay for everyday use ha. :)

  3. What a versatile pair of sandals, and quite affordable, too! Definitely a good buy!

  4. Looks like it's really comfortable for ladies. It can be good for walking due to its lightweight feel.

  5. I like that it can be worn in two different ways. :) Nice sandals!

  6. Good for ladies...and looks very comfy.

  7. uyy nice. malapit lng ako sa landmark :)

  8. I love Landmark! They're not that expensive. Some of them kapresyo lang ng mga bazaars! :)