Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Getting To Know Boots

The rainy season is upon us and pinay fashionistas would surely include boots to their go-to footwear collection for the wet weather. Women’s boots come in different styles. Here are some of the basics you need to know:

1.       Ankleboots
2.       Midcalf boots
3.       Knee boots

1.       Flat
2.       Stiletto
3.       Wedge

1.       Suede
2.       Canvas
3.       Synthetic
4.       Leather
5.       Rubber

Considering the weather in the Philippines, it would be more appropriate for pinays to wear ankle boots. At times, it could still be hot and humid even if it is rainy and a pair of ankle boots is a great choice to protect the feet from getting wet. This is why I bought myself two pairs of ankle boots—a pair of  wedge-heeled suede booties and a pair of flat ankle synthetic boots. I use my wedge ankle boots to match my semi-casual outfits. Meanwhile, I often use my pair of flat boots since I’m a fan of the rugged/grunge style. 

Written by: Jam Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera
Photo: Jam Daquio


  1. Very nice of you to post this article about boots. I like leather boots.

  2. your right there. thanks to the rain and i get to wear again my not-too-trendy-anymore sneaker's wedge

  3. I once had a boots obsession, and I can't tell you how stupid I feel now that I used to insist on getting a pair of knee boots way way in the past! Haha! That's almost like committing suicide in the Philippine weather :))

    1. hahaha! but maybe you really had that fashionista blood kaya ginusto mo mag knee boots before. :)

  4. Nice boots specially the yellow-colored one. Pass na siguro si misis dyan. Pero. I'll let her read this post. Baka magbago isip. ha,ha,ha...

  5. I love boots! it makes me look so edgy! :)

  6. Nice choices on your purchase. I love your mustard yellow ankle boots, very stylish and it will definitely go with a lot of pieces.

  7. There are so many variations with boots and can match different attires and occasions.

  8. True. It's hard choosing a boot type for a hot country. You wouldn't enjoy wearing one. Except when it rains.

  9. You should have modeled the different types of boots. You can match it with your outfits.

  10. Lovely posts!!! I love ahoes. Crazy about them . I love flats alot. Some times high heels.

  11. Great Post .. Haven't really realized the the thought that goes into selecting the right boots according to the climate. Ankle boots are great for me as in live in a hot climate... Great Blog :-) I just "joined your site"

  12. I miss wearing boots! The only tipe of boots you can wear here are rubber boots.

  13. I love wearing boots, if would be possible I'd wear them all the time. :) I like so much your blue flat ankle synthetic boots, they look so comfy.

  14. I'm so surprised I have not yet seen any comments regarding anyone stepping on your "blue suede shoes" :P
    Very nice! I would love a pair of those myself.

  15. Never know there are so many type of boots. Thank you for the explanation.

  16. Good article about Boots
    Like them to wear Really

  17. Yes those boots are meant for walkin' in the rain but with style and comfort!

  18. I agree, it isn't really practical to wear boots here. I usually wear mine on trips abroad.