Friday, August 29, 2014

Technology is Like Air

Almost everyone owns a laptop or a netbook. Laptops have become a necessity and are no longer a mere luxury. Being a blogger and an online seller, it is important for me to have a fast and reliable laptop. The one I have now is an efficient one and I've had it for four years.

However, devices like this, does not last that long. In fact, most would render around five years of good service. I do not want to replace my laptop as much as possible. However, my cousin, who is very fond of using my lappy, has made my trusty netbook slow. In fact, it began to heat up easily. I can't blame her, because I know how addicting it is to surf the internet 24/7 for free.

Though I love my laptop, my eyes were enchanted by the beauty of Apple's MacBook Air MD760ZP/B. I have never owned an Apple product. This probably explains my eagerness to own one. I remember back when I was in college, I used to lug around a 17-inch laptop whenever I needed one to meet deadlines for group projects. Imagine how heavy it was. TheMacBook Air, however, has none of that bulk and weight. This sleek device weighs only 3 pounds even it's a 13-inch screen laptop. A lightweight netbook that boosts of a 12-hour battery life could only mean one thing: I will always be on the go!

As if those were not enough to make me happy, this model is powered by an Intel core i5 processor with 3 MB of shared L3 cache. This means that it's one fast netbook. Both my trusty Toshiba and the MacBook Air feature 4 GB RAM, which is decent for regular usage. The MacBook Air also features 128 GB hard drive which can allow me to save more documents and images - something important for a girl who likes to keep her photos and other digital mementos around.

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There is no denying that technology has greatly helped people to accomplish their work fast. I remember when my mom let me use her typewriter once, I needed to use a liquid eraser to correct some errors. Before, communicating with our loved ones abroad is a tad too difficult. Now, however, you can see and talk to them via Skype. Because of technology, the loneliness is more bearable and everything and everyone are almost within reach. Technology is just like air, we cannot easily survive without it.

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