Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Laguna dike de Bye?

We knew that Laguna has remained under a state of calamity last August 2013 wherein affected families had no choice but to stay at evacuation centers, because of the massive flood created by monsoon rains. President Benigno Aquino III has created anti-flood projects wherein infrastructures will be built to control floods, one of which is Laguna Lakeshore expressway Dike project.

“‘Yung gagawin ho para dito sa Laguna de Bay, malawakan po yun. ‘Di po agarang magagawa ‘yan. Ihihinto po natin yung pag-angat ng tubig nang mabilis. Dike na malaking-malaki ‘yan, di ho kapiraso lang at medyo taon ho ang pinag-uusapan natin d’yan” said by President Benigno Aquino III when he visited Laguna a year ago for a relief operation. (source from inquirer.net).

In addition, that was not the first time when President Aquino told this dike project. He mentioned this back in 2012 when he visited flood victims of Marikina, Valenzuela, and Navotas.

Meanwhile, the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Aquino last August 1, 2014 has mentioned  the construction of Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike again. A mega dike in Laguna is one of the top public private partnership (PPP) projects that would and a bid for it will take place before 2014 ends. Moreover, Aquino said that the government won’t spend anything, except for a portion of the reclaimed land that will serve as the payment to the winning bidder.

True enough, that this project would somehow help the residents to avoid flood. However, the project is long overdue. Perhaps the Aquino administration has not been prioritizing this plan. Was it because of poor delegation of duties, or because there were a pile of projects waiting to be implemented, too?

Even though the Laguna dike is not the primary solution for floods in the area, as simple waste management and observing a clean and green environment are still important. I hope that this project would not cause another problem. The eyes of the Filipino citizens are glaring with great expectations.

Written by: Janine Daquio
Photo: dpwh.gov.ph


  1. I must agree that the dike is not the single solution for this complex issue.

  2. I agree with you! This project would just cost a lot of money. I think this is a bandaid solution to the problem.

  3. As one of the biggest project of the Aquino government, they should form a group of experts to study and decide what long term solution could be applied for this endeavor.

  4. If only the affected communities will do their part then, this dike will ease flooding. But the problem is, ginawang trash can ang Laguna de bay.

  5. Yes waste management is the best answer!!!

  6. The project is actually a good one. I think that both the government and the people should work hand in hand to alleviate the problems of flooding in the Laguna Bay area.

  7. The country's boss is awaiting. The country's boss needs an action. Why not do it now? Let's not wait for tomorrow what we can do for today. I think this is properly addressed to.

  8. Yes, the project is long overdue and I hope it will be started as soon as possible,