Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: Epsom Salt of Zenutrients

I remember the time when my friend Obin and I were strolling at the mall when I first saw Zenutrients’ body scrub. I was talking to the SA when my friend panicked and told me that there’s an ongoing mass in Landmark, TriNoma. I ended up bidding the SA goodbye without purchasing any item from her.

Just recently, I received an Epsom salt from Sample Room for free. Check the story behind this on this link.

Zenutrients has a separate category for body scrubs, which costs around Php 400. Meanwhile, Epsom salt costs Php 200+.

Before anything else, what exactly is Epsom salt? Epsom salt, scientifically known as magnesium sulfate, contains mineral salts that use osmosis to unclog pores and remove blackheads & whiteheads. For the body, it helps neutralize excess lactic acid that can sometimes cause muscle pain.

*Osmosis – the diffusion of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane from a dilute to a more concentrated solution (Encarta dictionary)

Price: P 290 (100 g)

The packaging comes in a transparent tub, which makes it easier to see the Epsom salt clearly. As for me, it looks like white sugar.

Meanwhile, the smell is similar to the strawberry scent of typical car perfumes. There are just some strawberry scents that smell sweet and some that smell like car perfume, and this product's scent is more similar to the latter. When I dissolved the Epsom salt in warm water, it disappeared quickly, and this made me think that I might not feel relaxed. So, what I did was I poured warm water on my body and scrubbed the salt. Anyway, there’s an instruction on the packaging:

For the body: Soak in warm bath to reduce pain & swelling of sprains & bruises. It removes dead skin by mixing handful & rub all over skin while bathing.

For the feet: Mix in warm water and soak to remove odor, soothes and soften feet.

For the face: Mix with your cleanser to exfoliate.

Will I recommend it? Yes, because Epsom salt soothes sore muscles, and it is a very versatile product. After taking a bath, I also feel that my skin is softer.

Disclosure of Material Connection: This is from a Blogapalooza event. I received these products from Sample Room in the hope that I would mention their product in Jammy Jam Spread. Regardless, I only recommend products that I believe will be good for my readers. This blog is written by me, however, I may not be an expert so I researched for some pieces of information online.

Written by: Janine Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera
Photos: Janine Daquio

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