Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lamido: Where Buyers and Sellers Meet

It’s funny to think that even if we were still kids, we already got the knowledge that health is very important yet we hardly follow the food and the steps on how to be healthy. There are so many reasons why we do not practice the fit way of living. Stress eating, food temptations, fast paced way of living, are some of the common factors that we don’t eat the proper manner.

Lately, my father is diagnosed to have diabetes, kidney failure, and high blood which our family put into a test because he was hospitalized in December for two weeks and in January for one week. Our savings were almost drained and we were restless like I have to go to the hospital after work to be the watcher for my father.

With God’s grace, my father is now strong yet still recovering. His doctor told us that he should eat less fat and protein and the portioning of his food should be right. Because of the horror we experienced last December and January, we learn the food that my dad should and shouldn’t eat. Of course, the serving is very important because his food shouldn’t be many.

I remember during my college years in our Professional Cookery class, we have a weighing scale for the food that we served in our cafeteria. It was part of our practicum as an HRM student. Given with that knowledge, I thought of buying one for our dad.

While browsing to the internet, Google navigated me to Lamido (http://www.lamido.com.ph/), a trusted shopping site in the Philippines. Wow! Their items have so many percent offs which means that Lamido is an online site where one can buy the cheapest items. They do not just sell brand new items but used items as well because Lamido has lots of sellers. Even if there are many sellers, the buyers don’t have to worry if it’s safe or not for Lamido screened the merchants first before they are allowed to post.

The site has several categories like electronics, fashion, computers, health and beauty, kids and babies, home appliances, etc. Typing the kitchen scale in their search bar, I was delighted to see this one under Lamido Home & Living section. 

For only P 290, I’m going to have this cute kitchen scale that would surely be used by our family. It is an auto zero resetting, and the measurement comes in grams and ounce. The battery for this one is triple A, but I would have free batteries when I buy this one!

With online shopping sites like Lamido, it wouldn’t be hassle for me to stroll and buy at the mall because while sitting at the house or at the office, I can purchase the things I needed. Lamido gives the buyers a chance to choose when and where the items will be delivered.

Speaking of convenience, Lamido also has mobile app for the shoppers to easily access their site: http://www.lamido.com.ph/mobile-apps/ They also have Facebook account so check it out! For interested sellers, visit http://www.lamido.com.ph/how-to-sell/ to learn how you can make money with your products or used items!

Disclaimer: This post is on behalf of my sponsor  yet I only recommend products/services that I believe will be good for my readers. 

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