Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Four Seasons

In life, there would come a time when you’d meet the person who would be there for you during difficulties, someone who could help you solve the problems you are facing. There would be one soul that would give you strength and would make you feel that you’re not alone in this cruel world.

However, before you meet that person, there will be people that would come along and would make you feel happy and special, but these people will eventually break your heart. You may sometimes wonder why you had to meet these people. In truth, each person you come across with teaches you a life lesson or simply makes your life a little crazier.

Right now, I haven't been with someone for more than a year now and have been unconsciously mingling with men. I am not really searching for someone new as it's not part of my plan.

Since Valentines Day is coming, I thought of the guys I’ve met not long ago and decided to categorize them into four kinds of men. Actually, I'd like to call them the four seasons of men in my life.

Spring is the season where flowers and trees bloom, so for me, this is the guy who appreciates a woman's beauty. This is the guy who would approach you while you buy your food or coffee from your favorite café, while in an event, or during a company party. Usually, this guy would ask for your number and you would probably be willing to give it to him. Eventually, however, you'll probably send one message or opt not to exchange messages or calls with him at all.

Summer is the type of guy whom you would be with if you want to relax and unwind. It’s the guy that would make you happy, but only for a moment. You are likely to meet him in a bar or during a beach vacation. This is the guy you would chat with and engage in displays of affection in public with no strings attached. He's someone you would have a fling with. You already see the end of your time together even before it starts.

Fall is the type of guy whom you consider as your friend or the guy you’ve known for a long time – a classmate, a colleague, or someone within your circle of friends. From being friends or acquaintances, he would start to like you more or pay more attention to you. However, just like the polar bears that prepare for inactivity every fall, the guys under this category will soon put your relationship into hibernation. Suddenly, the warmest person you know becomes the coldest after you two go your separate ways.

Winter is the season when we experience bitter cold, snow, and ice. It’s the time people prepare for the holidays, take out their decors, and deck out their Christmas trees with lights and gifts. This guy is the one that would give you a hug during the frozen days of your life. Your with this guy relationship would last longer than the others, but he's still not the one you'll end up with. Like any other season, winter always ends.

I've met all these guys, and the exprience was an enjoyable and thrilling ride. I cried, I have realized things, and I’ve experienced bliss. I wonder if I will ever meet a guy who is a combination of all these four seasons. A guy who would be my summer during days of enjoyment, my spring who would appreciate my bloom, my fall who would still love me even if our relationship starts feeling cold, and my winter who would put color on my frozen days.

I might be too young to settle down, but I already feel old just by talking or entertaining someone who doesn't have any intention to be in a serious relationship. I feel that this should be my priority now. After all, I’d be turning 25 this month and things do not seem to be stable. I just want something in my life that is consistent. I do not know if this should be a main concern or maybe I’m just saying this right now due to exhaustion. Someday, I want to find someone who would tell me that he loves me and effin’ mean it.

Written by: Janine Daquio
Edited by: Katrina Pulvera

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