Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Maybelline Color Show Cherry on Top 203

A red lipstick is something every girl should have. It's basically a staple. It instantly gives off a classy and elegant look, perfect during parties or dates. On my part, it’s my first time to own a red lipstick. I bought one, because I needed it when I was working as a receptionist in a medical spa. It’s very convenient for me, especially whenever I’m late, because wearing one could make my face look glammed up in seconds.

I bought mine from Maybelline. The Maybelline Color Show costs P 165, but I got this one for P145.00 since they were on sale.

There were so many sale items during that time, but I picked up Maybelline Color Show Cherry on Top 203, because black and red packaging looks elegant. To my surprise, it is lightweight mainly because the material used for the packaging is plastic. The lipstick is also wrapped in tamper-proof packaging. When I opened it, the lippie does not look bloody, it was actually bright red.
Maybelline Color Show Cherry on Top 203

I was quite mesmerized that this lipstick has a scent. I mean, most of the lip products that have scents are lip balms and lip glosses. This one smells like cherry and it tastes like one, too. Not that I deliberately tasted it. It's just that it's quite unavoidable not to taste it a little, right?

The texture of the lippie is creamy, so my lips felt moisturized after application.

Will I recommend it? Yes. For one, it is affordable! Moreover, the lipstick looks a little matte, but it actually has a moisturizing effect. However, it cracks after hours. Perhaps my lips are just really dry.

When I put the lipstick on (no lip gloss/balm applied beforehand), the dry flakes of skin on my lips were highlighted a little, so exfoliating and putting a balm on before applying the lipstick is recommended. The color gets lighter though when you put lip balm beforehand. See the difference of the color in the photo below.

Despite of this, Maybelline Color Show Cherry on Top is long-lasting! I took an 8-hour shift at work wearing it, and I just reapplied whenever I finish eating lunch. This is what usually happens after eating when I wear just the lipstick itself; no balm beforehand.

However, when I put balm first, put the lipstick and would have my lunch, the lipstick is removed evenly. Sort of magic? Lol.

The lipstick is also highly-pigmented. As you would see in the photo below, I’ve removed the lipstick already using a cotton boll, but there is still a hint of color. It looks like I have naturally-kissable lips. Yay!

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