Sunday, April 19, 2015

Etude House Color My Brows No. 3

I do not know that this kind of product exists, I only know that there are liners for brows. I thought that buying an eyebrow liner would make my brows' color change, but the SA in Landmark I talked to (she's selling a different Korean brand) said that its better to use eyebrow mascara than eyebrow liner. An eyebrow liners function is to fill and shape the brows. Since my mindset is to buy a liner, I told her that Id buy the eyebrow mascara next time.

That day came when my previous workmate and I were in Greenhills. I saw a makeup stall which offers the products for sale, I got it for P 300 instead of P 350. I guess its what they call Singaporean authentic based on this blog: Kikay si Maria

Anyhoo, I chose a shade closest to my hair color and chose No. 3 a reddish brown tint. I later realized that I should have chosen No. 4 natural brown.

So, the eyebrow mascara obviously comes in a tube and with a spoolie, just like a regular mascara. The product is quite runny when I used it for the first time. Since I haven't mastered the application, my manager from my previous work told me that my brows are red and that they do not look good. Hahaha! Yeah, they did look weird. Nevertheless, I was able to master how to use it after some time.

A great technique is to dab the spoolie very lightly on the brows. Next, I use another spoolie to spread out the color evenly. Using it over time makes the liquid less watery, so putting the eyebrow mascara wouldn't be a hassle anymore.
sorry not sorry for my eyebags!

I would also put a photo from another blogger, because she has tried all of the color variants. Now, it wouldnt be hard for you to differentiate its color. This is good, because I do not want you to experience the same ordeal I had to go through. Lol!

Will I recommend it? Yes, because the Color my Brow truly has good quality when it comes to adding color to your eye brows. Its color remains even when you rub your eyes. What is important is to choose the color carefully. It could be quite confusing at first, but you'll surely find the one that will suit you best. However, my friend suggested that I should choose to buy the one sold at malls rather buying the Singaporean authentic brands.

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