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Banana Peel Summer in the City 2015

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Wow! That word sounded awesome. Anyway, you might have noticed that I haven’t into any summer activities and it makes me depress because I do not have any plans lined up compared to my summer last 2014. No matter how much I would love to be reunited with the beach, it isn’t my priority now to spend for fun but to spend for survival, yay! However, I still get in touch with the world by going out every Saturday to spend time outside the house and enjoy the city.

Banana Peel did not fail to enjoy my weekend last May 16 because they held an event where the theme is “BP Summer in the City.” I was kidding my friend who has recently decided to be an event blogger too, that if should we wear a Hawaiian dress for that day.

“Summer in the City is a way for us at Banana Peel to have an afternoon of good vibes, fun and treats with our customers,” said Charmaine Manuel, Marketing Manager of Banana Peel. “Just by presenting a receipt worth P300.00 from Banana Peel, our customers got to enjoy all the treats in the venue,” added Manuel. 

Summer in the City is made more fun and exciting through Banana Peel’s partnership with Mary Kay Philippines, Beauty and Butter, Sun Cellular, Mogu Mogu, Beauti Drink, Hawk Bag, Beach Hut, Owl Coffee, Pan de Manila, Nissin Yakisoba, Jack ‘n Jill Pretzel Crisps, Jack ‘n Jill XO Candy, Jack ‘n Jill Chippy, Wilkins, Binggrae Ice Cream, World of Fun, Sports Zone, Fun Time, AyalaLand Premier, Pilipinas 911, and Contigo Philippines. 

Anyway, let me enumerate what are the booths and activities we visited:

Mogu-Mogu. Before, my friends and I often quenched our thirst by buying a Mogu-Mogu drink to 7-11. We were fascinated by it because of the Nata de Coco cubes. Drinking it makes you full already. The side story to it is: our attachment to the drink made us to name our group the Mogu-Mogu team. Lol. Personally, I like the lychee flavor. Meanwhile, I was surprised that the Mogu-Mogu and the Sappe Beauti Drink are in one company. Beauti Drink is a bottled drink that specializes for health. For example: fiber, glutathione, antioxidants, and collagen. I got to try and buy the collagen variant in Mercury Drug.

Beach Hut Sunblock. This May, the weather starts to get chilly, right? However, last Saturday was scorching hot that I’ve never thought of wearing sun block lotion. Lucky enough, the Beach Hut gave us a sample for their product. If you are going to Boracay, never miss to try the shakes of Beach Hut because it’s really delicious!

this is their shake in Bora! #flashback

Beauty and Butter. Shiela and I were ecstatic when we knew that we could have manicure for free! Their nail polish Ruby Wing changes its color if you’re indoor and outdoor and I tried the Kitten Heels. Outside, the color is meant to be red, and is supposed to be neon pink when you’re indoor. Beauty & Butter has branches in SM Megamall, SM San Lazaro, SM Cebu, SM Taytay, SM Jazz Mall, Ayala Fairview Terraces, SM Bacolod, and in Eastwood Cyber & Fashion Mall. They do not just offer manis and pedis. You may check their services here

Mary Kay. “Finally, Mary Kay happen to me.” I have heard a lot of good reviews about it and this was the time that I have tried their cleanser, moisturizer, and foundation. From using their facial cleanser, I have seen how refreshing my face is and their matte-wear foundation is long lasting with SPF! I attest that the foundation does not cake because that day was really hot and the event was in an open area of UP Town Center. I would love to buy their cleanser if I already finished my cleanser.

Hawk. When I was still in grade school, this is just one of the brands that I would trust for carrying thick books and numerous notebooks.
Go Shiela!

Pan de Manila. Bananamon and the Pesto breads are the best! Cinnamon and Cheesestick are great too, it’s just that I have to pick what I like the most. Now, I have idea what to bring home for my mom!

Owl. This tea and coffee product brings the people a Southeast Asian-inspired blend. Reading from its label, it says that the product is from Singapore. I actually like how the coffee and the milktea taste – it isn’t too strong and not too sweet. If my memory serves me right, the tetra packs on the photo below costs Php 150.

Yakisoba. Would you believe that this is one of the food I would cling to when I was in a convenience store for merienda? Because I already know its taste, I tried their sample on the event not for juding but for giving pleasure to myself hahahaha!

Melona. Shiela told me that this is a Korean product. We were given a drumstick and when I opened it, I find it odd that the ice cream has corners because our ice cream here in the Philippines has soft edges. Anyway, the ice cream isn’t too sweet which could be the reason you would like it.

Jack ‘N Jill. Chippy is one of the definite snacks that I grew up with. When I was a kid, I would often partner it with rice and the only flavor I knew was the barbecue. Now, Jack ‘N Jill continues to diversify their products just like this Pretzel Crisps! 

Banana Peel. Banana Peel is the very first flip flops concept store in the Philippines. They started in 2002 and I vividly remember that I crammed myself in to their store when I recognized that people were busy choosing their pair of slippers. It was my first time to see slippers that are beautifully designed so I grabbed a pair, too that day on the spot!
photo credit: Shiela

With the fun we had, I thank Banana Peel for inviting me and Shiela to come over to their summer event. 
wearing the foundation of Mary Kay, eating Melona, Beauty & Butter on the background :p


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