Saturday, June 6, 2015

ATC Healthcare with Nigel Barker

Last June 4, 2015, Nigel Barker captured stunning photos of ATC Healthcare’s ambassador, Carla Abellana, making beauty possible and effortless for everyone.
Carla Abellana

Nigel Barker is a fashion photographer known for his eye for creativity in capturing beauty in images. He became a household name after being one of the judges in America’s Next Top Model for 17 cycles, and for working with celebrities and super models around the world, the likes of Coco Rocha, Kate Upton, Taylor Swift, and Tyra Banks, among others.

He himself exudes beauty, starting off as a much-sought after model, and now as a fashion photographer, for his love for fashion, talent and passion in photography.

ATC Healthcare is known for creating high quality products that responds to the needs of every Filipino. They have created beauty and anti-aging products that aim to effortlessly bring out beauty in every woman.

Beauty is always alluring. A once in a lifetime project with a world renowned fashion photographer ATC Healthcare, your trusted life ally, is the emerging leader in health care products Nigel Barker, the celebrity photographer, and ATC Healthcare, your trusted ally in life, with its beauty and anti-aging products, make effortless beauty attainable for Filipina women.

Disclaimer: Press release.

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