Monday, August 31, 2015

Review: Tresemmé Split Repair

I was on my regular waxing salon when the staff gave me a free sample of Tresemmé Split Repair Shampoo & Conditioner. As I have used it, I was totally satisfied with the effect so I wanted to share how the product amused me.

I have a frizzy hair, to be honest. The main reason of this is because of getting my hair chemically treated at a very young age. I was 12 years old where it all began. There comes a time when my split ends are very visible. - That whitish thing at the end of tresses, OMG!
Tresemmé Split Repair
From then on, I get rid of split ends by having my hair trimmed. Sunflower oil products helped my hair to look healthy but no any shampoo has promised me to be split ends-free.

Tresemmé shampoo and conditioner claimed to be the first in the market because of its total REPAIR feature. Tresemmé has developed the Brushstroke Test to help public how effective the product is.
Brushstroke Test

Split Repair binds the split ends by up to 88% and reconstructs hair if used continuously. So rather than preventing it, Tresemme fixes split ends. The shampoo is a greenish liquid that smells nice, but it gets my hair tangled after rinsing it. On the other hand, the conditioner moisturized my hair back giving me smooth hair and my lock ends are soft, too. In addition, I did not get dandruff from using this product. While I cannot claim if it had helped me to fix my split ends because I only used this sample for two days, I opted to go to the grocery to buy a 170 ml, but the only available is the 600 ml. Ergo, I did not buy it.

Shampoo 170 ml – P120
340 ml – P230
600 ml – P399
*Conditioner same price

Have that long gorgeous hair, for you may no longer need for trimming because of split ends!

Disclaimer: Some products may not work for me, but can work well for others. This review is simply based on my experience.


  1. This is exactly the set of shampoo and conditioner that I use. My mom fortunately got them for sale last month and we got like 30% discount. :)

  2. Although I cannot relate myself that much in your hair problems because I'm a guy... but my sister used to complain about her split ends and she used to trim her hair because of it and I guess she might consider using such hair treatment too

  3. Split ends can really be annoying. It's good that theirs a split repair hair product so you can grow your hair without worrying about split ends.

  4. Tresemmé Split Repair Shampoo & Conditioner works well for us at home. It helps to tame my hair's frizziness without drying it out.