Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: I Am Cardboard Ph

Have you watched a 1989 film, Back to the Future 2, where it was predicted that there are certain technologies to launch in 2015? Well, I didn’t because I was not even born yet. Thanks to Youtube for rewinding the past to go to Back to the Future! XD

Well, one of the inventions framed in the movie is the 3D effect where the shark looked physically present that startled the viewer. Today, this kind of virtual reality is not too marveling because we experience it in the service of IMAX.

Last year, there’s been a fuss in the online world where people could experience virtual reality in a simple and affordable way through cardboards! Introduced last June 2015, and inspired by Google Cardboard v2, we could enjoy the virtual reality world here in the Philippines through I am Cardboard PH.
I Am CardBoard Ph

Without further ado, let the unboxing begin!

SKU: CCB-BOXCategory (Php 900): Cardboard V2 comes in black, blue, red, yellow, white, and the original box color. I got black! Assembling is easy as eating Oreo. 

Wow! After paper dolls, folding has never been this fun. Now, prepare your phones and download the app by typing Cardboard VR.

While it works in iPhones, take note though that this app runs only in Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. I tried installing it on my phone and it says “This device is not compatible with your phone” so I have yet to try to my friend’s phone.

This model fits the phone up to 6” screen size!
It reminds me of C3PO!

Thank you so much Emil Mananquil and Jose Mikhail Bernardo III for having me this awesome giveaway! It may look simple but this cardboard led me into different scenarios that amused me.
Want to order, you may check their:
Official Website

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