Monday, February 8, 2016

MAT 12, Maybelline

Matte lipsticks are the trend today that's why I tried buying Mat 12 of Maybelline. It's shocking to know that Mat 12 runs out of stock every time I go to any beauty stores. Thanks that I got the perfect timing when I passed by in a mall where there's only three stocks left. The SA told me that it gets sold out in an instant.
MAT 12 Maybelline

To be honest, I really have dry lips so as I said again, that matte lipsticks do not fit me. Putting lip balm to your lips and then covering it with matte lipstick is not a good idea. To know more details about it, read further..

The lipstick comes in a crystal-like transparent tube where you could visibly see the color of the lipstick even without opening it while the grip is black and rubber-like. The brush is shaped a little different. It’s like tear-shaped which is just right to properly cover the lips.

The liquid has a creamy texture.

Price: P349 but I think I got it for P250

It has a scent but close to unscented so let’s not bother about that.

Let’s see how it goes well with my lips. So what I do is I moisturize my lips by using lip balm and let it stay for a long while. After that, I apply this matte lipstick so, it would not coagulate which is really annoying to look at, right?

Would I recommend it? Yes! It may not last long but at least, the color sort of stays to the lips even if it’s already erased. Using Mat 12 for long makes the crack of my lips visible but it’s tolerable (or maybe because it’s nude.) I haven’t tried other matte colors yet so for this Mat 12, I am totally recommending it.

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