Monday, March 14, 2016

Review: No. 3 Nature Republic Wood Brow Liner

So, you know that I’ve been using retractable eye brow liner… but I found my former pencil eyebrow liner I was using when I was in college. That was like 7 years ago or more, ha! It’s a Shiseido brow liner that was given to me by my best friend a couple of years ago because her mother got home from Japan.

I totally like the shade of that Shiseido because it makes my brows perfect and not fake-looking (If you know what I mean). Given the fact that Shiseido is pretty not so pocket-friendly for a simple citizen like me (LOLS), I settled to get a same shade from Nature Republic where I also tried there retractable brow liner before. See my blog here.

The SA handed me a No.3 Wood Eye Brow (P155). The retractable brow liner I had before is also No. 3. However, I like the Wood Eye Brow than the retractable. Yes, pencil may make you feel hassle doing all the sharpening but I am more satisfied with the color of the pencil.

The Wood Eye Brow also comes with a spoolie on the other end. The cap is sometimes falling off if they are interchanged with the spoolie’s cap and brow’s cap so be careful. 

Would I recommend it? Yes! It’s the shade that I really want to wear and one good thing about Wood Eye Brow l is that if you accidentally fell it, the pencil won’t break comparing to retractable that is very delicate.


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