Monday, April 4, 2016

Review: Organi Manuka Honey Peel

While I was having my field work in Glorietta Makati, I encountered Manuka Honey Peel in Organi stand now changing their name as Origani. I already noticed that there were sales people who were approaching mall strollers to try their products through demonstration. From the beginning that I saw them, I want to avoid that stand.
Organi Manuka Honey Peel

I asked the concierge of Glorietta if where is the place I am looking for and ended up that I should be passing to those sales people. Oh-oh. So I planned on just ignoring them but what happened next is totally the exact opposite. Maybe it’s because the demo guy asked me what I was using on my face and he stopped walking so I also stopped and talk to him. Or probably, he is a foreigner, not gwapo but with a charming face. Or, he got me when he said that I do visit facial but my blackheads are very visible.

So he demonstrated to me how Manuka Honey Peel works and because the product seems promising, I bought it. TBH, my face is really starting to get into trouble; probably because of stress, pollution, or what I eat, or the products I am using. It’s a good thing that Manuka Honey Peel is organic. It is still better to maintain the skin the natural way. See my troubled face below.

Manuka honey is not the ordinary honey. Manuka is a monofloral honey produced in Australia and New Zealand that came from tea tree. It is an “active” honey because it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. As a matter of fact, it can be used as natural wound dressing because it heals fast and prevent bacterial infections. For skin, it heals acne, repairs and hydrates skin.

Manuka Honey Peel’s box and the packaging look luxurious. Thinking that this costs Php 6,700, maybe I paid half of the price for the packaging. The tub is a transparent crystal-like with pear green color tub (or is that color lime green?).

Opening it, there’s a white hard plastic to avoid spilling the honey to the real cover. There’s also a spatula for sanitary purposes. And there… the Manuka Honey Peel is glistening in orange color with a floral scent similar to Sampaguita or Kalachuchi. I don’t really know.

The texture is pasty but not sticky. Also, Origani claimed that this product is non abrasive, so no worries there if you'll get hurt while exfoliating. I tried it to myself and to my mom so check it out!


After cleansing your face, put a blob on your damp face, like dotting it.

Leave it for 10 to 15 seconds and then start massaging. See on the photo if what happens. Those are dead skin and dirt that’s been rubbed away. This peel is advised to use once a week.

Rinse well with warm water and advised to put Organi Day Cream after which I will be posting soon.

Will I recommend it? My mom has pigmentation.

I just don’t know if this will improve her skin or not. I will update if there would be changes to her condition. In my case, I can feel that my skin is clean plus the blackheads are not trapped forever in my nose area. Just wow! I can’t believe I don’t have to spend time going for facials anymore. I’m super loving it despite that the price is really eye dropping.

Disclaimer: Some products may not work for me, but can work well for others. This review is simply based on my experience.


  1. Hopefully, it will help your mom. There are so many products out there that promises solutions to skin problems and many do not deliver much on that promise. I will check back for progress after a few weeks so that I can recommend to my mom as well. ;)

  2. I guess it really depend on your skin type. It's a good alternative to facials though.

  3. This sounds like a good product..and their colors are not the usual :)

  4. I think I can never get myself into buying a Php 6,700 product. I don't care if the packaging is ugly as long as it works and reasonably priced. I'll watch out for the results on your mom.

  5. This looks like an interesting product, but it's quite expensive ha.

  6. Replies
    1. Too bad to hear that my mom is impatient on doing this at night. SO I am only using this now for myself..

  7. Can you share the result of using this product?

  8. Hi there im using organi product for men,manuka honey peel,moisturizing cream and for also for around the eye cream hehe,. for 2wks doing it twice a week. it actually works my face is smooth and very least stress like before, im working night shift BPO industry. For the boys out there you should try it. It actually works for me but I cant guarantee on to others but still its a positive review for me. Cheers!!