Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: Organi Cleanser & Toner

Sweat, pollution, and wearing makeup are the reasons that our skin gets stressed and dirty every day. So, every girl has to clean and tone their faces to maintain the beauty of their skin.

I have mentioned before that I always skip the toning part because I think it’s not totally important on my regimen. Now that I found this 2-in-1 product, Organi Cleanser & Toner (P5,000+), this will help me not to skip using toner at night without putting another effort. Teehee!
Organi Cleanser & Toner

Organi Cleanser & Toner comes in a plastic bottle with net weight of 190 ml. It has gray cap, gold lettering, and transparent bottle. Its bottle showing the orange liquid adds plush factor of its packaging. While I think that it will look orange when I pour it, it is surprisingly almost clear.
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The smell is like cinnamon or banana but not very prominent. The consistency is not runny and it does not bubble when applied on the skin.

Directions: Gently massage into skin of your face, adding a small amount of warm water. Either use fingertips or a soft face cloth. Rinse well with the appropriate Organi Day Cream or Night Cream which I will be posting soon!!

Will I recommend it? Yes!! It leaves my skin soft and supple. It actually makes my black heads disappear. It makes my skin and pores appear finer and smoother. Downside… it’s pricey.

few days later..

Pores (esp the nose area) is still visible but blackheads were removed
**selfies are all camera phone

Disclaimer: Some products may not work for me, but can work well for others. This review is simply based on my experience. 

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