Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Review: God's Nectar Nutra Active Replenishing Day Cream

It is my first time to use a day cream, it's unplanned and never came up to my mind that I will. My face is not acne-prone and I have this belief that applying less to face is healthier. However, I have learned by buying a day cream like God's Nectar Nutra Active Repleneshing Day Cream is essential especially for a girl like me who is often exposed to pollution and UV rays because of daily commute.

Applying God's Nectar Day Cream to the face creates a VEIL that stands as a SECOND SKIN to protect the skin from harsh, dehydrating and aging environment.

It makes my skin moisturized because it contains a NATURAL biolipid complex called amisolTrioTM which provides ‘SUPERFATTING’ properties - a protection and perfect moisture balance ergo adhering to the surface of my skin leaving a pleasant, SOFT SILKY FEELING.

It comes in a luxurious tub. Just see for yourself.

From its packaging, I got really excited to use this one. Will I be a goddess-like? Pun.

The cream comes in white. It's thick but not heavy upon application. After washing your face in the morning, dry, and then put this day cream. Leave it for minutes before applying your daily make up for better absorption of the cream in your face. The smell is lovely, smells floral and elegant.

Verdict: Ok. Since it's my first time to use a day cream, I can't totally tell if that's how it's supposed to be. Because it keeps my face moisturized, and my BB cream also makes my face moist, my day ends with an oily face as compared before. On the contrary, my face looks healthy in the morning.

Comparing. So the effect of using this day cream with and without the Manuka Honey Peel has a difference wh. On the right portion of my face, I used beforehand the Manuka. While on the left side, I did not use the Manuka. (pardon my face :p unedited except for the line and texts, light source is equal)

Touching my right face feels matte and less shiny while touching my left face feels a little sticky. (You know when you touch your face and it kinda stops? Yeah, that's what happened on my left face if I touch it). But at the end of the day, without wearing any make up, the appearance and the feeling remains the same.

To sum it up, it only feels awesome in the morning. But anyway, I felt its benefits somehow which makes me to say that my P6,000 for skinvesting is not wasted. Before I end it, this is an organic brand from Australia.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Some products may not work for me, but can work well for others. This review is simply based on my experience. 

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